Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lavendula Vera Rose Geranium and Snow Chamomile

This are the 3 oil that will smell different depends on the extraction season.

I started business with Lavendula vera, Grapefruit Pink and Rosemary Spanish Oil.

And for 15 years I preserve and ensure the quality.

picture of lavender growing in provence France
For years I need to mention this so to let those who are new to aromatherapy know the freshness of oil is important in omhealth oil business.

This season the lavendula has strong scent of rich herbs because of the season. The medical properties is same as good.

Lavandula angustifolia Purple English Lavender Flower
Aromatherapy is not about the smell, is the medicinal value ok:>

Last time I explain before why organic lavendula water different period have different colors.

Rose Geranium the sweetness will varies depend on seasonal too.

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