Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chinese 24 Season

This period in Chinese Season is called the

立冬·。In ancient time, it means the farming period comes to an end. And animals starts to go to " Sleep ". Weather will turn dry and many will be prone to sickness.

Many may starts to have acne, ulcer, cough, flu. Singapore still ok but will be hot and wet and hot and cold. Very Jia Lat on our body. Actually in Singapore, we want to have nice skin is tough. Because we dont have actual four season to nourish our skin.

That is why, using aromatherapy oil can replace what we lack from the four season. Aroma oil inhale for tissue, or few drops in water final rinse body can works wonder. 5 element oil cleanse house or vaccum can bring wellness to a home.

Many after using my Queen of Body lotion hands and legs very nice because many herbs in it. Many after using my shower gel find skin turns soft because is natural and no chemically give u a soft feelings. Day by day good quality products enable u to glow within.

FOr month of November best way to fight off sickness is

Use aromatherapy oil like
i) Eucalyptus radiata, Lavendula, Spice Oil, Lemon or PAF lime.

And if u are not sick , Make a Porridge that was passed down since ancient time for this season.

They call it: Fairy Porridge for November. (anytime can drink but November drink skin double nice quickly and health issues like sleep and weakness will recover faster.) Oh this month, u dont forget to do ur Vanilla facial scrub and the clarity Mask, u can se good results.

Above is 制首乌,is actually 何首乌fried with blackbean juice (sold in medical hall le la) 。
Very tonic one this herb.

20 gram 制首乌, 5 红枣,100g 米,

Add water to above and boil to porridge. Add some brown sugar once cook.

Drink daily for 2 weeks.

Many reported

1) Better Sleep
2) Legs have strength
3) Energy for the body came back.
4) Depression gone
5) Skin become very radiant after 4th day, use the immortella and rose water warm towel.
6) Eyes brighten
7) Less dream better sleep.
8) Happy feeling the 3rd day

Above portion can drink 2 person ba. A small bowl a day evening time.

[ Flu and cold must recover first before drink]

A)  Open up internal organs for Qi Flow this period (3 times, each time stay 10 seconds)
Stretch ) Below stretch  no need to stretch until so much. If can before do this exercise inhale PAF lime. It can detox body.

As long as u gently bend forward and feel legs being stretch will do

This stretch if do daily for this 2 weeks, can prevent alot illness for upcoming months. Stretch and stay for 10 seconds. Each leg do 3 set.

1.Begin by lying on the back with legs extended and chin tucked in. Place the strap to the arch of the left foot. Inhale and slowly raise the left foot up towards the sky keeping the right leg and hip connected down towards the floor. 
2. Grip the strap with both hands and only go to the point where you feel the first initial stretch in the hamstrings. Flex the left foot and contract the quadricep muscles. 
3. Stay here for 5 to 10 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side. If can before exercise apply chest a drop eucalytpus and lavender direct. Stomach a drop of any frankincense.

Very Powerful Essential Oil to USE this period can help to strengthen the body

1) Eucalyptus radiata and lavendula combine in tissue inhale or final rinse body can help remove the toxic Qi. Feel Good after u try
2) PAF Lime helps in liver cleansing when u inhale and do footbath ( recipes, PAF lime 4 drops, Bryan relax blend 4 drops) 15mins


This period skin very sensitive. You can put a drop holy sacred frankincense in a bowl of  warm water, use cotton dab face with it for 2 mins. Than rinse face with cold water.

Actually many know how powerful my frankincense essential oil is with alot of local testimonials from tumors to cyst size reduction. But if use on skin is amazing. I use undiluted on skin (for me la, may be ur skin cant take it). But when i say undiluted , i dont mean a drop direct to skin. I put a drop in palm rub both palm and than inhale few times and than gently slap face with palm.

Or sometimes a drop frankincense in water i use this water cleanse face.

Skin Health with Holy sacred Frankincense:

  • tones and lifts skin, heals and protects skin (against  boils, wounds, acne and other skin maladies), fades and heals scars
  • promotes regeneration of healthy cells and keeps existing cells and tissues health
  • eliminates germs (either by burning resin or applying oil topically)
I have a big cyst at my thumb, gone. A boil scar at my back sometimes big sometimes small, now almost reduce to small ever since i use frankincense direct before sleep. I was lazy, if can twice  a day it should go away.

For serious neck pain or Fibromyalgia, u can put 2 drops frankincense and 4 drops rice bran oil apply a generous amount to the back of my neck before bed and it has helped to reduce pain 

NEWS: Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.

U can apply stomach with 2 drops frankincense and 4 drops rice oil if  having stomach discomfort as it has many digestive benefits. 

Frankincense is beneficial for chronic pain, U can apply to  lower abdomen/uterus area every other night to  help with  Endometriosis pain.

When  feeling jia lat stress or irritable u put some undiluted oil on a cotton pad and take a deep breath. And u can leave the cotton pad under  pillow case to help u have a deep sleep.

 It is amazing how just a few inhale of this oil can help immediately reduce stress and anxiety.  

Frankincense Oil blends well with PAF Lime, Lemon, sandalwood but my favorite thing to blend Frankincense with is Myrrh. the two of these oils work like magic together.

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