Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hydrate your skin and natural skincare fresh

At my age now, many suggest I go do botox or filler so can appear nicer on TV. No way. U will see me age slowly one. Is very ok. With Omhealth method, we age nice nice.

For skin I must admit, each day we aging, we need to make effort to improve skin. I dont go botox....
Because u do injection, once dont do, sometimes may sag even more. U watch TV u know what I mean.

I am born with a body base of f9. Means when young I got sick very easily.  When mom give birth me, I stayed in hospital for months.
And as a base , my body belong to the weak type, so cold hand and feet and also sick easily was once my body type.  For people if u born with good body type, please take care and this body is like a car and car travel far and steady.

So I do things to improve on it. That is why I cant sleep late, once I sleep late i get sick de.

28 days better skin
I find that drinking

1)10 cups of liquid is important. Coffee breakfast is important (black coffee slimming and antioxidant). Breakfast must eat, if dont eat, aged 5 times and face sag fast even u take tonic .
2) One red apply a day, one cup of tea a day
3) 1-2 eggs daily
4) Greens daily
5) Barley water 3 times a week
6) Detox stomach tea once every 2 weeks, those u drink at night second day shit alot that kind.
7) Porridge water evening daily
8) Black bean 3 times a week, dont care how u cook.
9) American Ginseng plus chrysanthemum drink 2 times a week
10) Calcium pills, honey acacia and lingzhi pills alternate month
11) Fish or Chicken essence 3 times a week
12) Soup 3 times a week . Must have bones in it. Once a month Fish Maw
13) Acupressure daily before I sleep on He Gu and Nei Guan
14) KFC or Macdonald twice a month
15) Potatoe chips once a blue moon
16) Chocolate dark 3 times a week.
17) I mask daily and apply lavender water or rose water many times a day. After that cotton didnt throw but wipe legs and hands.
18) Change face towel often
19) Pillow case must wash weekly
20) Silk cloth put beside bed or pillow
21) Rice Bran Oil and sandalwood powder a pinch and abit honey scrub body. Ur body skin soon will be smoother than many people face.
22) Tian Qi and Niu Qi twice a month so blood circulation good skin nice and leg no pain when age

All Skincare found in www.omhealth.com

Omhealth is forever thinking ways to improve the skincare range. For example, your facial serum all was upgraded few years back to

1) Antiage serum (day time)
2) Magwhite Serum (night time)

1) Astiquer Cleanser which is milky type but cleanser face gently
2) Tea Tree Raffael Cleanser is more cleanse type

For me I use this two cleanser alternate days , or one morning and one evening up to you.

Toner Or Skin Softener Hydrator
1) Lavender Grapefruit water amazing nice
2) Rose Water Hydrosol so so good even for sensitive Skin

1) Perfectionist for Day and Night
2) Synergy or Marine Collagen ( I use night as it may be a bit thick)

For oily skin, may be you can just use my antiage serum follow by a layer dab dab of my SPF 25 Collagen sunblock.

1) This scrub Vanilla flora scrub is amazing to use. Many try this scrub and feedbacks was amazing
You ought to try this scrub

Cleanse Whitening Mask:
1) Green Clay Mask for super detox , may be drying to dry skin so leave it on 10mins
2) Pearl White Clay Mask, amazing and is for all skin type, I use this weekly now

Hydrating Mask
1) Cucumber and berries mask ; Hydrating face and eye mask
2) Rose Bionic Gel Mask: With collagen

Antiage products
1) Dragonblood Face A8D face Gel Absorb so quickly now I use as kwa sa face gel. I apply noon time ahaha.
2) Ultimate eye Gel: Best Eye Gel and with antiage ingredients to suit our weather and apply after HA eye serum .
3) Ginseng Eye Cream: Best Eye Cream apply evening or day up to you. Is very nourishing but wont cause eye seeds.

Special Range
1) HA eye serum lines that can be refilled
2) SPF 25 Collagen Sunblock that seats in so nicely to skin.

1) Neroli facial oil
2) Immortella Facial Oil
3) Blue Royal Roman Chamomile Facial Oil

Use water Oil towel method can see glow. For me I use oil alot on neck before sleep. As it is best nourish for neck And for neck i dont want apply too complicated things.

Secret My Secret:
Before sleep I apply 2 drops frankincense on palm warm it and massage neck and slap my face and massage chest. Increase energy flow and frankincense famous fight wrinkles.

Special Body Care:
1) Body must take care, Rice Bran oil apply few drops hands and legs not oily and very smooth second day.

2) Special Sandalwood powder a teaspoon in shower scrub body amazing whitening. And leave on skin for 3mins. U will be amazed

1) Cedarwood Hair Shampoo is amazing daily use.
2) Hairgrowth shampoo too circulate ur scalp

A) Argan Hair Serum is a must, u use one time u will know how good to hair and protects the hair.

More ancient method yet effective
1 drop rosemary oil, 1 drop lavendula vera oil, cup of warm water final rinse on cleanse hair and wipe dry. Fight dandraff.


There will be a launched of new moisturiser for night. If u find marine collagen not suit ur skin this one best and is nourishing.

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