Friday, January 30, 2015

Best Singapore Made C with skin glow and eye bright ingredients.

Many know C is good and also another supplement Lutein for eyes.

But u know in market they sell separate and lutein cost $100 a month supplies.

For me I work with Eugene to produce both together and made test in Singapore and only $55.

Taste so good and so yummy.

The Goji C was inspired by Singapore multi racial country. It has ancient indian fruit AMLA which is the highest C fruit in the world, and also Chrysanthemum and Goji Seeds.... it inspired me and Eugene He to produce a C that is made and tested in Singapore and affordable by everyone. And it brighten skin, good for eyes, glow. Drinking and u can feel ur Qi BUUUUSSSS up in 30mins. Try.... ok And Amla itself has amazing power.
If you are someone looking for youth that has been lost due to disease or bad eating habit, then Amla is the answer to your search. Amla has an anti-aging quality that regenerates dead cells and revives the lost energy.
Known for its richness in anti-oxidants and vitamin C,
Amla is very good for your skin and prevents acne and pimples from your face and body. It also helps in improving the skin complexion.
Also is a $150 product sold at $55 so we can all afford:>
Most of you would be unaware of the fact that Amla improves your experience in sex life. It is written in Ayurveda that having a drink of Amla juice a day keeps your agility and thrust for sex to optimum level.
Amla is very good for those who do a lot with their throat. People in the profession like singing, anchoring and speakers should prefer having one
Amla is known for its anti-bacterial and fungal properties. It is very good for fighting with cancer. Being rich in anti-oxidants, it removes free radicals that cause cancer.
Amla powder is suggested for those who have gastric problems, with its polyphenol content it is taken as a great medicine to fight acidity.

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