Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jasmine Flower and Chrysanthemum flower.

Bionic Rose Mask has a full list of ingredients that u love. Today I shall touch on two of the ingredients.

2 of the many ingredients in the Bionic Rose Mask:

hrysanthemum extract and Co Ezyme

Co Enzyme has a very good properties to reduce the wrinkles and fight free radicals, Sometimes because our skin when young damage by UVA and it can repair and shield our skin from that.

It goes to the cellular level for healing skin.

Chrysanthemum extract
It prevent the UVB attack and treat some skin diseases in some medical usages. It is a natural skin revitaliser. It gives dull skin a boost of radiance.

This mask is best put in fridge and use from 10 to 15mins on face and rinse off. 

This mask everytime u use is like a $100 treatment in spa. U safe money and it has not harmful preservatives. Thats why many starts see radiance.

6 Jasmine Flowers and 4 Chrysanthemum flowers and a slice of old dried Orange Skins.


It helps to calm the mind and reduce body heat and also beautify skin.

a cup a day slowly your skin radaince from within. Reduce freckles and reduce formation of wrinkles.

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