Friday, March 20, 2015

This trip is also a interesting trip; besides quieting mind; met up a daughter of a old grandmother in china who was very fit even at age of 90 she walks like 30s and looks young; a technique of palm full set acupressure was imparted to Bryan and also some foodcure; I think is a really fruitful trip ;) the weather is extremely cold because of studying and sleeping 4 hours and many hours in transport , this morning I have a serious neck pain because u all know I have bone degeneration and scoliosis since young ahaha and age catching up; well luckily I brought my oil and do a Kwa sha and now take some rest and I am 90 percent ok le; I think is lack of water because I refuse to drink certain water may not be hygiene as I scare of LS and can't find toilet; today I boil some water and bring out le! Heard is raining today !
Since 2004 many who travels to cold countries told me rice bran oil and neroli facial oil works wonder and this is true ! Face hair and body is nourished ! Anyway do take more nourish food , I find that Singaporean diet seriously lack of vegetables

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