Monday, April 13, 2015

Oil and You and breathing

Many people like to buy aromatherapy oil. But some buy because of the scent not on the medicinal value. As a result in market there are a series of shop selling fragrance oil as aromatherapy.

In 1990s, aromatherapy was the peak in Singapore, many good shops in aromatherapy like coralmoon, sunspirit, essential, beandbecoming aroma oil.

Some of them I work as part time for their shop. But soon I stop doing it, as a see some shop they change the expiry date label for oil because they are not main supplier and slowly aromatehrapy dies off in 2003.

I started my aromatherapy business in 1998, first set of oil are
Lavendula vera (thanks to my teacher), Peppermint and Grapefruit Pink.  I can easily put expiry date on the bottle but again I learn from my Master in Aromatherapy: " No need, in Australia people buy oil base on trust of the therapist and u need to produce fresh oil , a human nose will notice:" So infact my oil are all by fedex and ensure quality and fresh till today.

All these years , I have been producing oil base on my scent and healing knowledge . More like cater for Singaporean.

Bryan's Blend since 1999:
1) Bryan relax blend: remove dampness and exhaustion
2) 5 element oil (old name, flora Power 7): remove negative and cleansing purification
3) Dragonfly oil: Clam the mind and bring hope
4) Healing Trees Oil: Series of BIG trees to encourage flow of Qi in body and was launched in botanical garden,
5) PAFlime : A first unqiue species with no other blend, purpose to recall youth and joy and lost energy in our body system,
6) Coming Up, Miracle Love Oil: A self love oil to care our system, activate body Qi to heal.

Apply any of the blend at neck, bottom of feet:

Aroma Belly Breath (PLEASE TRY u will find amazing result

Use any oil . apply neck a drop, bottom feet a drop. Than peppermint a drop temper and stomach.

So oil use is Peppermint and any oil blend;

This activate ur body system to heal. Try 5 mins only.
    Increase energy, release tension, fight fatigue.
      Lie flat on your back with pillow tucking them under the neck and knees. Even lie down this way and close eye, flow of Qi begins.
      Place your hands palm down on your stomach at the base of the rib cage.
Help to heal body and complete body circuit healing energy with aroma oil. Effectives for people with chronic pain, hives and eczema.  It works :>

All the oil can be order from and details

18th April , re u coming to support calcium launch? and is free , email to and have buffet and talk to me that day.

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