Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cypress Oil french

All along I love this cypress plant. And when I was young i saw one family grow this plant outside their house which says to protect the house from negative energy. But to me is a beautiful tree.

Cypress Oil is $45 and worth keeping one at home. For blessings and happiness.

This big bottle of rice bran oil has been around for many years. And is the most versatile oil I want to share. It can be used for body and also few drops and a few drop essential oil can blend to massage body legs etc.
Ok , you should start take care of body skin.

Cypress oil is very good for legs also... U can put a few drops of rice bran oil on palm and 3 drops cypress oil and massage leg.

It has a masculine fresh, woody herbaceous aroma. The tree is native to Italy and Southern Europe. However, it is cultivated for commercial purposes in Morocco, Spain and France.

Benefits for blood circulation : Cypress essential oil very good for veins problems and blood flow People who suffer varicose vein can be largely benefited by the use of this oil when it is used in combination with geranium oil and  lemon oil. 
Example: few drop rice bran on palm, than put lemon , rose geranium and cypress and mix and massage leg. Or in 20ml rice bran oil, 3 drops each mix. And every day use some and apply the leg vein.

Cypress essential oil brings energy balance in the body and promotes circulation of positive energy. This helps in body detoxification.It promote circulation of blood and oxygen supply as well . The oil also helps in drainage of lymphatic fluids.

for me a drop on palm inhale and slap body gently feel very good.

Also I find that cypress oil french is a powerful filming oil. U can add few drops to your own body lotion. And apply leg and waist.

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