Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fridge and Health touch of fengshui

In traditional Chinese. If a house food storage area is not cleansed and is dirty. It represent poor health and wealth.

Ingredients use : PAF Lime $35, Tea Tree Oil $25

For me is more on hygene and cleanliness. How long have you not cleanse your fridge?

Are u using chemical to clean?

Let me teach you one way to cleanse your fridge, not only happiness but u feel good when cleaning.
It kills germs and also refresh your fridge energy and house.

1) 2 big tablespoon of Baking Soda
2) 3 drop PAF Lime Oil
3) 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil or Manuka Oil (Exciting le, first in Singapore to Activate and launch PAF Manuka Oil in June 2015)
4) 500ml water or 2-3 cups
5) Daiso new piece of wipe cloth.

Mix all in a glass bowl. And start cleaning inside of your fridge and throw away all expired and unwanted things

Fengshui Tips (non religious for fridge)

1) Fruit Vegetables compartment must have some fruits inside. A empty compartment represent lack of resources. With green and red and Orange represent fruitful life.
2) Need to have some green beans, barley, red beans, stored in a container (represent breaking of negative thoughts in family
3) A bottle of drinking water in glass bottle in fridge, this water to be changed every few day for consumption de. Represent Spring water of life and fountain of youth. Sometimes I store a small bottle, And use to wash face at night ahahaha
4) Love luck like love love will be affected if inside have unwanted food and old food.
5) Stock up eggs weekly, eggs represent rebirth of energy and luck/
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Fruit Vegetable segments represent your health: Is it dirt and have rotten fruits. Throw away.
Magnet fridge should use abit only and put positive things : Represent boosting ren yuan
Bottom of fridge floor if is dusty and dirty. It represent ur obstacles at work or family. If very dirty means alot of gossips. Use a Magic clean and put 3 drops 5 element oil wipe the floor

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