Thursday, May 28, 2015

Perfect New Blend

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Many who bought this blend share with me the amazing scent of love.

Is a very good oil to use to symbolize unconditional love, ability to cope with sadness.

But this blend of my special scent , u will feel great. The scent envelope u with angel wings of love and protection.

After a long day work. Dap abit around wrist and u and ur family will feel great.

It helps to reduce the liver Ki stagnation and also move the Ki for a body system.

Also this blend balance a person heart Ki.

When Heart Ki is imbalanced  we can often feel jealous, petulant, indifferent and lonely. Instead of flowing energy out, we become needy, grabbing at others energies, demanding attention and asking others for love instead of looking within for self-love. 

Fear, despair, hate, longing, dispassion, condemnation, “heartlessness” and envy are all negative expressions of block heart Ki. 

First we must clear the block Ki and love ourselves. How can we ever expect anyone else to love us if we have no self-love?  If we are capable of self-love and appreciation, then we will attract someone who will support us in the kind of love we offer ourselves. 

If there is no self-love, and we begin to demand others to love us and fill the vacant hole we have created within, then we begin to build karma with that person, and at some point, there will be a pay-off time. When we can love ourselves, love flows out to others. 

Love Blend ease heartache and calm the circulatory system when there is tightness or palpitations., also Manuka Oil arrive le and can order le.

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