Monday, June 22, 2015

White Tea and Cancer fight

Omhealth White Tea is very good grade. Even expert say is good.

This quality is very expensive in market. Here a big packet till full, is $50 . And  u can take a long time to finish.

Get a packet share with family. No need drink daily la. May be 3 times a week.


many know drink tea can sort of deal with cancer prevention. But again we dont over drink. A cup a day is good. And each time drink one teaspoon and one time can le.

Below is a latest research why White Tea is good:>

For people who are sick or tumor related. U can drink white tea in the morning or noon.

Also Ginger is good source of sickness prevention.

white tea is produced almost entirely in the Fukien province of China. It comes from the same species of other teas, but has a higher proportion of buds to leaves. The buds are covered by silver-colored hairs that give the plant its whitish appearance.
White tea is also the most minimally processed of all tea varieties. Unopened leaf buds are rapidly steamed and then heat-dried, which keeps the leaves fresher and reduces oxidation. In comparison, green tea is composed mainly of leaves which are steamed or fried before being rolled. Oolong and black teas undergo even further processing.
The scientists theorized that such minimal processing could leave white tea with higher concentrations of polyphenols, naturally occurring substances that have been shown to fight cancer.

Chemical analysis confirmed their theory. White tea contains the same types of polyphenols as green tea, but in different proportions. Those present in greater amounts may be responsible for white tea’s enhanced cancer-fighting potential, says Dashwood.
Encouraged by reports of cancer-fighting chemicals in green tea, the researchers decided to test white tea to determine whether it has similar qualities. They brewed four varieties of white tea and subjected each to a laboratory test using bacteria. The test, called the Salmonella assay, determines whether a chemical can cause or prevent DNA mutations, the earliest steps leading to cancer.
White tea inhibited mutations more efficiently than green tea. This means it may have more potential to prevent cancer than green tea, says Gilberto Santana-Rios, Ph.D., a post-doctoral research associate with the institute, located in Corvallis, Ore.
The researchers, now performing experiments in rats, report that their latest data indicate that white tea may protect against colon cancer in particular. They attribute this to elevated levels of particular liver enzymes.
The researchers say more studies are needed to determine whether white tea actually protects people against cancer.

White Tea: Is not very cooling. But if u keep one more year, it become no cooling;
Below is a Ginger White Tea

When Ginger and white tea combine and drink twice a week. U can find alot benefits: Immune will further enhance. And the tea and ginger combine become not heaty and cooling.

Image result for ginger tea


  • 1/2 inch fresh ginger, sliced (Bounced it)
  • 1 MUG (TEA POT) boiling water
  • 1 tablespoon of White  tea 
All in the pot; Wait for 20mins

Drink when cool, add honey abit.

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