Monday, July 20, 2015

Launching at 3pm today

The 4 New Blend:

This falls under Bryan's special healing blend.

They can be use for touch therapy healing. Any bottle, 2 drops to palm and wrist and inhale and than comb ur head with fingers 10 ten times. And than close ur eyes,

For Purification and Victorian Secret
 one hand chest and one hand stomach rest. 
Above with or without pillow on knee is ok. This two oil apply le helps to gain back body energy.

This Purification is a must especially viral outspread, apply bottom of feet. Or u visit hospital etc, a drop on wrist can purify. Victorian Secret blend, at all times change in smell base on ur mood.

For Morning and Awaken
one hand forehead and one hand neck rest (U can put urself)
Gain back confidence in life and also bring Good Aura to ur aura , good start , good day.

Awaken blend is good for memory and elderly. Study oil also. All in a bottle.

Below Healing Kwa Sha Plate. Will be yours if u order the full set above

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