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Shampoo and Health

Promotion: For Omhealth First time launch hair care product was 29th July 2005

Full Hair Set: 5 set only

Shampoo (of your choice) $45
Argan hair Serum $55
Conditioner $45
Free one of the Oil
1) Victorian Secret or Rose Geranium

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We use shampoo everyday. U can choose shampoo that give u fast result within one use. But do u know how much chemicals is in it, even is infused with flowers and herbs. The base is still full of chemicals.

Our daily life already very " Toxic" , we should change our shampoo to a good quality.
I always believe if u are healthy, ur hair will shine from within.
Main purpose of omhealth haircare is to build ur own hair beauty.

Checking the ingredients list of popular shampoos and conditioners reveals a lot of harmful chemicals that are anything but natural. These are not only a health risk for us, but also for the environment and other species. In a regular bottle of shampoo and conditioner we can find toxins such as oxtinoxatesodium laureth sulphatestearalkonium chloride, and triclosan, as well asvarious parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates.
Triclosan is used in shampoo for its antibacterial properties, and resembles the plastic additive bisphenol A (BPA) as well as dioxins. It poses a risk to our health, as well as others, because it can alter hormone function, such as the thyroid hormone system which regulates development and the metabolism.
Found in both shampoo and conditioner, petroleum products such as mineral oilsparaffinand petrolatum coat the hair and scalp. These cause a build-up of toxins, cellular development to slow down, and disruption to hormones. Some shampoos and conditioners also contain conditioning agents propylene glycol and stearalkonium chloride, the potential negative effects of which include allergic reactions and rashes, as well as immune and respiratory disorders.
Above article extracted from an expert:

All hair care products free from above mentioned

Cedarwood Shampoo: Daily use. After use u can 3 times a week use omhealth conditioner.
Henna Extract, Walnut Extract, :silicone-free, and artificial colour-free. U can use this shampoo daily really good.

Hairgrowth Shampoo: Chemical free base with  Cedarwood Rosemary & Geranium; 
Paraben & Sulphate Free  to improve the circulation to the scalp and help stimulate hair growth.

We can wash hair daily , especially in singapore i wash my hair twice.

Hair Argan Serum: Many market products start to have Argan hair serum. But so far none can compare to this one. Even some media artist love it. Is special formulation for Singapore weather and after wash hair, u towel ur hair dry and than apply to ur hair. U will find it great.
. It restore moisture balance. Every day our hair is subjected to lots of external elements such as smog, the headrest in the car, random strangers’ hands…not to mention the styling, dying and other things we do that can dry it out or make it brittle. In addition to restoring moisture,Argan Hair serum help with dry scalp and frizz while adding body and shine. Also is not oily sticky or packed with perfume where u cant stand whole day.
A bottle last 1 year. Is like a treatment to ur hair.

Walnut Conditioner: Designed for Asian hair, with light conditioning and a special ingredient to increase the natural shine of the hair. 

Features: Paraben-free, Sulphate-free, Ethoxylate-free, Silicone-free,Artificial colour-free.

Hair Care are

1) Shampoo Cedarwood, Conditioner and Hair Serum.

a) Twice a week, I final rinse my hair with 1 drop rosemary oil and 1 drop lavendula vera and add rose geranium too. It stimulate hair growth and balance scalp.
b) Once a week I use rice bran oil massage hair and than cover warm towel. And wash off with shampoo after 10mins.

My once a week drink for hair and body health.
25 gram He Shou Wu, 3 reddates. Wash and pinch the dates. Than boil in water for 3 bowls for 40mins. Drink a cup.
Rest hor, i pour to a bottle, add rosemary oil and rose geranium and lavender and rinse hair for 2 days after hair wash ahahah. Thats what empress Dowager did... but she add more things...

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