Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tangerine Oil add to flowers

Tangerine oil is citrus family and it smell abit like

Mandarin, Orange 

Tangerine was sold in one 2 of ZOUKOUT and ZOUK event back in early 2001.....

Tangerine symbolize prosperity and uplifting moods and said to impact a person's creativity. It can help to increase playfulness and happiness, helping us get out of our heads and live more spontaneously or light-heartedly. 

For those who feel overwhelmed, overworked, stuck, heavy-hearted, depressed. Heart very tired, u put 2 drops tangerine tissue inhale or stick to fan tissue.

Tangerine helps to regain whole body cell and regeneration energy and repair cells and tissues.
Break down fats cells
In a way when blend with 3 oil and rice oil, it furthers help painful joint

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