Monday, August 17, 2015

23rd August Special

Orchard Central Special 23rd August 2015, 3pm to 4pm

1) I will be giving a talk 3pm to 4pm. U can register for the seats. But if no seats u can still come. And those who come see me , will receieve a hulu from Leng leng at 4pm from her.

Special offers:

U can buy any items from by email to leng leng

Title: Collect at Orchard Central 4pm or earlier.
Item list

U will have $10 off. For purchase of above $50 one time. One person only.

30th August 2015: Reunion with Byan Lao Shi

Have u registered? At four season Hotel . A wonderful talk and fun action pack for health and beauty.

6th September:
5 element Exercise class with Slapping exercise and touch therapy

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