Friday, August 28, 2015

30 August promotions

Seated at 930 am; but u can come see see at 845 am ; talk to health expert chat chat; 

Will be busy set up
Because I need handle sponsor alone also; if I miss answering u do forgive me ok; thank u

Do come relax manner; security is very tight that day also with video camera so is a protected ball room; 

Support the venue sponsor
Wenken group : u can buy sleep herbs that day and professor around
Life enzyme u can get super codycep enzyme special price
Clariancy power machine

Hi all this sponsor is very nice sincere people, they say I don't have to intro just let me enjoy the talk; but u know me I will demo to thank them I think they re nice people!

A special promo quote will be given to all to use one time from shopping cart !

Serum set $100 ( if not enough can order email)
Holy frankincense one time : $68
( is really sincere and really... Mama say is a must) 60 bottles only

Below ginseng cost $120 in market is for anniversary and for u at $55 only 100 packet must grab ! 

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