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Clearing blockages of your back

Hi all, 30th August 2015, Reunion with Omhealth left 25 seats. 

Email to class@omhealth.com, Fees: $25, Health and Beauty topics and gathering with 18 years of clients. New students do read more of the blog. Language used will be Bilingual.

Do arrive by 9am to register have some tea and walk around.

Blockages and Worries:

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After all these years in health business. One thing I want to share about is MIND. Mind has great control over our body. A happy healthy mind in a healthy body is the goal to be attained.

If u cant change the situations at work etc. Change your mind set.

Happiness of the mind can be achieved through practice and not overnight. List down your worries in a book. Face it and say some positive words today.

I Let go of all worries, all is in Divine Order.

Oh Love Miracle Blend, a drop massage center of chest daily help disperse, lung and stomach stagnant bad energy.

Also remember your health is in your hand, acupressure , aromatherapy and herbs are good way to reduce health issues. A sensible person if want good health and u need to understand is your birthright.

Up there give us a powerful system to heal ourselves, our palm, acupressure, 5 element organs.
But u have been neglecting it.

My basic aromatherapy Kits:

Lavendula vera, Peppermint, Marjoram, Grapefruit Pink, Rose Geranium, Rosemary Spanish, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon Oil.

Certain essential aromatic oils have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. During the Congress, Korean scientists revealed their study results of the effect of rosemary, marjoram , lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils , they have strong pain killers properties yet dont affect our health.

Thats was the birth of 3 oil method for neck pain, joint issues. For me emergency i put a drop each on palm and direct apply neck shoulder, for some u can mix with few drops of rice bran oil. Dilution is not necessary for a spot treatment, but for full body massage u need dilute ratio of 5 drops to 12ml rice bran oil. 

If that day I have back pain, neck tension. Is important i do a powerbath of 5 drops bryan relax blend in warm water and use good morning towel to scrub whole neck shoulder.

Than apply 3 oil with abit lotion neck shoulder and lower back and tummy. Is call the 3 oil , 3 location method. And than extra peppermint a drop at upper back.

Follow by, I apply a drop lavendula vera on the below pic and use thumb press all location as shown, and if found the area sore, i press abit more and release it. After that u will feel stress n aches reduce alot. Follow by 478 breathing exercise.

Get the full set of oil ba www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart. Is very useful.

淤血痛痛汤 (back or neck pain, or leg joint pain (add Niu Xi). Drink 2 cups a day for 2 days.

Bryan Lao Shi Secret back pain and neck tension and like joint not comfy 30mins made tea.

田七 20gram
泡参 (cheapest one, 25 gram)
杜仲 ( a slice)

Boil water 2 cups for 30mins, first five mins big fire than switch small fire 25mins.

Drink  le, use 3 oil massage neck shoulder, second day feel good.

解毒明目养生茶 (drink twice a week for this weather

Omhealth white tea a pinch
Tian Qi Flower 4 flower
Goji seed 5
Optional, Sweet corb the Qiu qiu abit.

All in a mug and pour boiling water for 20 mins, drink.

田七select this color one, not the dark one. Than ask medical hall slice. Buy good quality $25 alot can cook few times.

tian qi Flower: ok is good but cannot drink daily. Mix with white tea and Goji seed is good enough.

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