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Ginseng aged, Soup.

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For people after surgery, ask doctor first. If use chicken, must use the Female one. So wound wont have scar. But for elderly use pork.
vegeterian, is ok no need meat also can cook all.
$3 batao(pork no fats), two omhealth power ginseng, goji seed 40 seeds, 党参 x1 fat one cut to pieces, 野生白木耳x2 (mini), black dried longan 3, 南枣x5,玉竹 x8 pieces, dried huaishanx4 pieces, 茯苓x 1 slice . Water I "agar agar" filled up , may be 1.8 liter; Big Fire 10 mins, small fire 1 hour; but if ur water evaporate type because of pot take note , u can use slow cooker cook 3 hours water same level; optional : 海参 x2 mini (if for parents good for joint); total cost $15 this pot, market rate $88 ; ( enough info le , any comments no time answer today, do my best le)
Good for general fatigue, Boring feeling, Sad until sian problem, no energy and scold people less than 2 min no strength. After drink u can be like me, talk 6 hour already still can continue niam

Trend in Singapore medical hall.

I research 20 years, le, now i can say buy things use wisdom. Dont believe just one medical hall. One can say this, once can say that. Example, cordyceps, one say powder good, one say cook soup than good. One say cook soup cannot absorb, one say only powder can absorb. one say, powder alone cant absorb must mix bao sheng. Ahhaha.

Some will just ask u use expensive things to treat a cough. or sore throat. Example that time I sore throat wanna get a herb tea for $5, but end up, ask me buy $80 herbs powder eat 3 times for sore throat, guarantee one time can see result, bullshit, doctor also dare not say one time.
Just drink 3 leg brand pipagao la and take some 乌梅汤。

Dont worry, I spend alot effort help u all fitler le.

Have you been told by a Western Science Medical Doctor that you are healthy or normal, but you know you aren't? The problem may be that by many MD's criteria, if your laboratory tests come back within normal limits then you are normal, even if you don't feel good and know that something is wrong. People spend a lot of time and money trying to find a MD to diagnose them. They will travel from doctor to doctor until finding a doctor to tell them that yes, you are sick.  If check WD unti no health problem yet u feel pain tired. See TCM .

Western Doctor is a must if there is cancer etc. TCM cannot totally cure cancer.... u must see western doctor for it. Dont any how treat cancer. A good TCM doctor will ask u see western doctor to remove tumors if necessary than follow by herbs advice.

Also many cancer will over worried and fall into trap of buying miracles herbs that cost $1000 a doasage. be careful also.  Of course some expensive herbs can work, but see not many can afford, normal herbs with good TCM advice also can help. U can afford u buy expensive one.

TCM Doctor types

For past 10 years, visit many TCM for research. ... tell u, open eye big ok.

few types I came across
A) Very aggressive, say until ownself very power and project ownself as the best doctor. Like no one is good. Common now. They can be professor grade.
B) Give false hope, say until all cancers all illness can cure. Say he has cure that person this person cancer. But end up u found out many cancer go to them , out of 10 only 1 cure. and he will boost about the 1 cure one.
C) Fake kindness kind... wa this type most tricky. Very patience listen to u and kind wa... until u so drawn to them, than last five mins, ask u buy expensive herbs which u dont need, but u will buy.
D) Lazy type, by right treatment is 20mins, short cut to 10mins, give excuse say, oh 10mins enough.
E) Sales type, u know one. Keep ask u come back, come come come.
F) Some medical hall alone now have TCM doctor, some good, some no good. No good one, will end up see u le,ask u buy alot expensive herbs from the medical hall so they can have more quota met.
G) Ego type, like whole Singapore only she or he is the best. Proud. This type, can be good doctor. But see TCM this type, u may feel good first few times, but they lack compassion energy so u slowly wont satisfy from the treatment.
H) Very famous because one or two media go to them. Actually skills so so only.
I) ANyhow TCM, have alot, hidden one dark corner. U go in see le feel lousy.
J) Many say good , u go le, than know no good. Many say good because one feel good and office girl spread around that the doctor is good. One spread, 10 ten spread many. But spread to me, i go test is lousy

STAR TCM of the year verified by omhealth and all students.
(err frankly speaking, this moment his place have many doctors, she is the only one non sales and powerful skill and kind hearted, (tried other doctor from the same company, zero comments, u all go test lor and will know what i mean)

I am glad SIngapore has still few good TCM. I know Thong Ji Hospital have few good one also. I will test and let u all know. All this good one, we must support and motivate them. Is out task to guide them to right track also. Positive energy, so they will even feel more compassionate.

TCM doctor need us also. ahahah Shhhh dont go and tell Xu lili, wait i kana.

H) Dr Xu Li Li,, Professor Koh, Dai Doctor and few more are the doctor I tested very good. This period u all go Dr Xu li Li very good. Anyway , is independent, i am not spokesman etc. I say base on my research.

Features of omhealth ginseng
Omhealth Ginseng, is belong to China Ji Lin, after proper research and with TCM medical hall verification of best quality. Can mark up to $120 to $200 in places. Is a very naturally growth ginseng from a plot of land. This type ginseng, is when ginseng be remove, left the roots in earth. This remain roots grown to a ginseng, which end up this ginseng has very high nuitrition properties and healing
在 自然生长。

bryan's Ginseng
性味微苦,有大补元气,helps 延缓老化,还可调节内分泌,提高人体的免疫力。
30 gram $55 for this season fresh. See u want can order ok:>
Quality is important.

Proper email with details.

I am going to De xin grind pearl powder $80, who want tell me sms me. I can help 6 person do. No reply means no le hor. thank u. Will courier u all but u pay ur courier fee. Is today good heart day. No earn one. An effort for u to be filial piety. Is out of good will, dont ask me do this do that after ok. 

Health standard.

  1. Every morning Shit
  2. can eat proper and no bloated stomach
  3. Ur blood and Ki is improving. U dont lost temper so fast
6 Sep 2015

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