Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The joint ligament blend

Top few oil u should have are

During injury no tea , and sotong and sour cold drinks
When healing physical injuries, be they chronic or acute, the process must begin with reducing inflammation. This allows the exchange of damaged material out, and healing nutrients in, to the injured area. Reducing inflammation also reduces the potential for further inflammation, as well as reducing pain

3 oil 
Lavendula Vera : reduce inflammation 
Peppermint : circulations
Marjoram : do wonders to ligament

Once a fall or sprain keep applying above direct on the sprain and few drops tie bran oil will speed up recovery'

Any sprain will swell the second day but this oil can wonderfully reduce that and speed up recovery!

Extra two ancient oil ( frankincense healing ($45) and myrrh) they repair cellular 
When this two oil combine apply and wrap the sore area is call 筋骨灵。
Is for use for serious ligament or joint issues;
Myrrh when put long will turns resin gun and frankincense too;
But this two apply direct on inflamed joint and u can feel how it works!

Once almost had a bad sprain :
I suggested oil my ankle 6 times  a day with essential oils like lavendula marjoram, then rice oil a drop, then Peppermint; then Lavender, and then Purification (because of the Lemongrass in it). 

Before sleep  some Frankincense for the discomfort and drank tianqi water!
See western doctor ask for anti inflM pills 
This can speed up recovery!

Follow by I go out walk even bring oil and apply oil when remember ahaha!

I blend 10 ml rice oil with 20 drops of the above oil mix what u like!
Result amazing

Purification oil blend
protects our auric field from electromagnetic energy .So it would be a good one to wear at the airport when are bodies are bombarded with these energies!

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