Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Recipes Part ONE

omhealth has really been around for 18 years.... For so long, this way of teaching of using handwritten and also sharing recipes in my unique way makes me happy.

Sleep and stress are the main cause of aging. Besides using my skincare products:

Eyes: Must use HA eye serum and Dragonblood eye gel
Face : Day time must use day hydrator
Evening: Synergy or marine collagen
Treatment: Dragonblood A8D face antiwrinkle and firming gel
Mask: Rose mask or Face and Eye hydrating mask
Detox: Pearl white clay
Scrub: Vanilla facial scrub

How Omhealth aromatherapy oil have a seat in Singapore is because I only focus on Singapore market and focus on quality and just u. Many invited me to venture into Taiwan and China... well not me... Have ur support can le. I remember even in a workshop sell only 3 oil i also contented. But now, ehehhe many of u use my oil. Is fresh until dont know how to say.

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