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New Oil 25th December for collections

2016 New Oil (25th DEc than launch)

1) Jojoba (singapore weather species)
2) Personalised Lymphatic Drainage oil
3) Pomelo Essential Oil (not the previous coconut one)
4) Ravana Essential Oil
5) 鹰抓花oil
6) Authentic Magneto Heng Scrub
(so many many many many many heng items until i delayed production)

Do come for Pyramid class in 28th Feb 2016.

Hi all
Many of you who have my essential oil find it amazing even after 3 years still smells ok . But again isn't it a wastage if u cant enjoy the fresh oil I sent to u.

All your aroma oil is bottled fresh in blue UK bottle (have china one). Which enhance the healing energy of the oil. If u check in market not much oil in blue bottle.

The oil are ordered direct fresh from distillation. Thats why when u smell my oil the scent freshness tells.

Is not a easy process to do this business. U need alot of patience and checking. Example lemongrass oil was out of stock for months and now coming back. The reason is the fresh herbs was not from Indonesia but is specially extract method in Australia for omhealth. Ur Bergamot is from USA. Different oil from different parts of the world.

Market is flooded with different brands. But omhealth oil stands for Family Love and Sincerity. All these years many shopping mall approach us for sale of oil at their mall because if many of my fans visit it will increase their sales on other items too. But omhealth oil margin is not possible to give 40 percent to the landlords.

U see ur rose geranium is the quality of $90 in market and we are only at $45. So is very little margin. But to me, is the quality counts so since 1998 omhealth oil has been online till today. We have grown with u, some use it for their babies since 1998 to their child in army using tea tree oil to prevent infection to working class using PAF lime etc.

Art of Aromatherapy: My interest in essential oils derives from personal experience of their powerful therapeutics properties, both in treating physical ailments and also in calming emotional problems.

My background in lecturing and research has been focused on using EFT technique to communicate with the complex structures. It is my hope that sharing with u my experiences will offer to you to build an understanding of each essential oil in a pleasurable but powerful way.
Remember aromatherapy is not about the scent sometimes but the chemical components. And essential oil is the product of plant's metabolic process.

Oil basically can be divided into stimulating, relaxing and balancing.

Example teatree oil has 90 percent of stimulating lavendula vera has 90 percent balancing and relaxing,
So when u mix this 2 oil together Is antibacteria, antiviral, calming and cleansing. This combination has effect on circulation and immune, respiratory system etc,

Example for acne, i use direct teatree oil on cotton bud and apply acne for 3 days follow by aloe gel blue on it. Than next 2 days lavendula direct.

So total treatment of acne is 5 days. Follow by the soup recommended in this blog.

I have a client alot oil seeds at face, it seems healing frankincense help.

2016 Plan

My exciting plan for u in 2016 is to conduct a professional Aromatherapy class 4 hours. When we talk about aromatherapy class in Singapore. The trend now is all about spa usages and very little on the experiences and the deep look into the oil properties and combine with yoga, stretch, qi gong, touch therapy crystal therapy and color art therapy.

In my health and beauty talk with Bryan since 1998 (aroma color music acupressure class) is the talk which let everyone has a feel on what i Do and how it can benefit u.

But in 2016 I have decided to prepare a professional class. An aromatherapy professional class in market is 1 year  but many times are draggy for u to learn . We dont have the time and what I want to share is the essence. And to train a group of aromatherapist in Singapore that is good in healing, loving care and helpful to family members.

Health and Beauty With Bryan Lao Shi (15 years the number 300 runs) 1530

But before that, there will be a Historical Famous Trademark talk Health and Beauty with Bryan ONE, ( all old students can re attend). $35 for all who have attended before.

Imagine conducted 300 classes .

Health and Beauty with Bryan Lao Shi (the number 300 runs)

5th March 2016
for newbies and oldies ahahah:>

(the class which when started with 3 attendees only) to the most popular class .

First in Singapore 2016 Professional Aromatherapy by Bryan lao Shi

opens to those who have attended any of my workshops before. Because u need to know my patterns and basics and my personality before u can attend. Aromatherapy also talks about effects of the teacher and u in sharing knowledge.

Many asked me why didnt I organise this talk back then. Well for me my teacher spend 15 years of experiences to open a workshop. And now time is ripe:>

7th May 2016

Uniquely Bryan Lao Shi Professional Aromatherapy
(with some handdrawn hand written notes)

Looking in 2015, I have given not much workshop, reason is to prepare for 2016 seminars.

Fees per pax is $250 
Material include: Nuts facial carrier oil 50 ml, Authentic Asia Essential Oil blend (before launch), Mist for face (50ml), Blending bottles x2. 

All above items are before launch for 2016 and u will be the first hand to have the items.

Talk attendees limit to 50 students;
Time: 930am to 12pm Break time 
(Snacks detox lunch provided)
1pm to 3pm 

Workshops: Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy breathing, Skin massage and lymphatic with Bryan Lao Shi.
 All you need to know for Aromatherapy.

Below is aroma - Music -Stretch

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