Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Real Truth

Back in 1999 to 2010 I have been running to different companies and stat boards and public places to share natural therapy . Past 5 years decided to spend more time on building up my products and business so can have more good products for u all.

Sometimes some friends will just brush off easily why dont i go and give workshops etc.... again.... Why... reason is 教不完 。And since I have contributed my youth to many companies... i will spend the later part of my life to write and educate in touch with old customers and u all in turn spread the news to more people.

There are forever new comers forever same question ask u 20 years still ask u same questions... I cant stay in that part but i rather train old customer and let ur face skin be spokesman.

the first customer who bought my skin care named suzzane..... and she was 50 than and now 60 but her skin looks so much nice nice and younger... And she now enjoy life le"

She used to niam alot and i scolded her many times till now we know each other ahhahaha

Sometimes my dream is to work in starbucks and make coffee only and no need think so much ahahaha.
Is all about reputation nowsaday. In the past it takes me ages to convince people to use my skincare.... But ever since I was on TV and big events... people have more trust. I think this is normal in current society. But is strives me to be more stringent in the quality and freshness of products.

but one thing i still loose out to current market is the marketing and packaging.

But who is ok.
People like Baiw ... also tried my products before and some media artist still continue using (they always ask their PA to buy and always delay payment ahahaahhah kidding).
Latest media artist to use omhealth product is Taiwan Queen and a HK star. but confi. May be one day omhealth has a million to let them be spokesman.

My fees for giving a health beauty workshop is $2000 a session. Is consider very cheap. Which include team laughter, bonding, health knowledge. Sometimes Singapore market is difficult for young therapist to survive... U all just want free and free talks... So u basically get nothing but a boring talk.... And dishearten youngster.

For me my rate is $2000 . fix and 20 years of effort essence, which cost more:> ahahah:>

Back to some products

Back in 1999, a lady in Holland road sells the best rose water and chamomile water and witch hazel water.

We have too many processed food and chemical skin and hair care in market. What we need is to invest a good item and 老老实实用 . Shampoo, cleanser u use daily, how much chemical u all absorb?

Start abit ba:>

U see many off the shelf products need to have paraben if not it may spoilt
  • Methylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Ethylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Butylparaben
  • Isobutylparaben
Parabens are essentially another word for preservatives. Preservatives are required for shampoos or any organic substance that is required to have a shelf life, e.g. how long a particular product remains acceptable to use under normal conditions

Start ur body skin hair care or even one item with www.omhealth.com/shopping_cart 

Omhealth products is like have have and quickly sell and no stock kept. So what u receive is fresh. Example ur creams some wait 2 weeks because we dont keep stock.

Is really called hydrosol. And each bottle lifespan is 6 month to a year. She imparted omhealth the rose otto hydrosol which is extract thru distillation of morning roses and free from chemical.

there are so many flower water in market but is all added preservatives of fragrance.

Even lately many aloe gel in market put free from paraben but when i test out is all fragrance. (korexx brand).

Hi all dont be blinded by Pretty faces and packaging. Look into the items

Email to order: orders@omhealth.com with name, address and mobile;

BEST Double blue flower aloe gel: $38
Is high quality aloe gel blended with flowers of blue chamomile and tansy flower and lavendula.
For trouble spot on face and heal a acne.

Best Rose otto Hydrosol:$45
Complexion anti pollution, fresh and good looking. Calming the skin and hydrate and anti inflammation . Powerful hydrating and dried matured senstive skin. plus harsh environment.

Bionic Rose Gel Mask $68
Brighten protect antiage and calming gel
So many ask in market is with chemicals, but u all will just buy and buy because cheap u may think. But what if a bottle of mask with all high quality ingredients.

It has seaweed, grapeseed, rose absolute, craneberry, Ju Hua, collagen easy absorbed.. Vit E, Gan Cao.

Xmas Promotion:

Rose mask + Rose Otto Hydrosol : $100 and free marble

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