Friday, December 4, 2015

Lymphatic Drainage Blend

This is a blend specifically for ur body skin and health.

U can massage body, stomach hands and legs before sleep:>


To order email to with name, address, mobile, DOB and also blood type.

This bottle , u must use daily apply legs and hand and neck stomach before sleep. Is not oily but skin will absorb so apply enough oil. 
U will wake up find ur body skin smoother day by day.

Pour enough oil to palm and massage the area.

Ok very simple. Apply oil those circle area and massage each place gently 30 seconds will do. U will feel good. In circular movements

Lymph massage is necessary for people carrying lots of diseases, that overwhelm the immune, circulatory, and the lymphatic system.  The Skin is than affected by over production as a response that the lymph system has stop draining. Anytime circulation is lost it can lead to many disease.   Reflexology works very well with the meridian and Lymph System.  A toxic body is a waste filled body that damages cell everywhere causing inflammation to form.   Once inflammation sets in and stays for awhile the person has to have critical daily care to recover.  Thank You

Insomnia and sleep quality issues:

Apply lymphatic oil at neck and chest and than massage very gentle stomach 54 clockwise. Very gently and slowly and touch to feel any blockages and very gently press.

Massage Luxurious blend Oil into the Lymph nodes
Another way to get the oil into your system, namely the lymph system, is to apply it to the lymph nodes, around the neck, feet and backs of the thighs, this allows the oil to bypass the stomach where it would be reduced and straight into the lymphatic fluid which is where viruses tend to reside. Here's a diagram to help identify the points : 

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