Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Aura and scrub


Lymphatic Oil Blend is $68
Body Magneto Scrub is $55
Omhealth Flower Shower Gel (chemical free) is $45

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Magneto Scrub: Is like a comb comb ur toxic aura away and soothing. Blend with 16 flowers herbs and vibrational medicince carefully designed to remind ur body cells are healthy and energised.
No SLS, PARABEN and whatever harmful things.

Shower to Good Health and Luck
Aura balancing

Your cell in my body understand ur thoughts one and  is loved and healthy and cells do communicate with each other:
Your aura is simply an extension of you.   When is powerful strong it acts as a protective field around u.
 When fragile or damaged it can leave you get tired, unwell and feeling disconnected from yourself.
Sometimes u see health no problems but keep on unhappy. Means the auric fiend in body is not well.
Think of your aura as your own personal body guard (in the form of a giant bubble) that simply “flicks off” anything stressful, disturbing or potentially draining that you may be sensitive too.
I strongly believe in cleansing and nurturing the aura for the overall integrity of our health and well being.    Particularly, when many ancient cultures from around the world believe, that illness first starts with a weakness in our auric field.
When aura is good, u with people. People can feel ur presence is happy.
After a long day at work ur aura is more or less depleted. U can do a normal shower is good enough. 
U can do a fast scrub with Magneto 3-4 times a week. And enjoy.
How aura field injured?
Constant stress and critical by people. Unhappy non stop until aura has broken holes. Polluted environment and created unhappy aura.

So when scrub say:

"My body cells are cleanse and energised "

This is one the most lovingly created scrub. Is a blend of 16 herbs and flowers (non religious).
Many heng heng shower gel sold in market comes  and is all chemicals. Let me show u here.

In the market some put 7 flower  shower Foam but end up u read the ingedients they are using fragrance and no flower extract in it. Some put sandalwood pomelo but u read no sandalwood but chemical sandalwood fragrance. And pack with chemicals alot alot.

Thanks for the feedbacks.

Try this Heng Scrub Magneto: U will feel great.

Promotion: One magneto scrub and one Lenovol ginseng facial mist for beautiful skin is $100

Alone scrub is $55

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