Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Lately have receive many emails like:

"a client have been using my oil for year, than her friend who know using my oil but they are selling their own brand and wan to promote her, so... .... .

For me is ok as long as there are respect in business. Aromatherapy demos how mother earth care for us and business is all about love compassion and sincerity. Omhealth has 18 years of aromatherapy experience in Singapore.

I respect all other brands like Young's Living , doTTERA... ... and promulgate natural therapy. I have a pool of friends also doing this brands. We respect and share informations. So respect :> Loving kindness compassion.

Also there are some new brands coming up... . Do u know a bottle of lavender oil energy is different depends on the person who sells too.... One day I will take a pic with this other few brands with me together ahahah... .

Today a tribute to my 3 aromatherapy teacher, Teacher Anthony from New Zealand 1997 which imparted me unique properties of oil, Teacher Catherine from Australia who imparted me pulse point meridians aroma. And master Sim from Singapore who brought me to HOME and use essential oil and massage elderly which inspired me :>

Omhealth one person... will respect u but we are strong because in Singapore we have clients who use our oil for 18 years... Name it....... ehehehe

For people when start doing MLM, do work with kindness and herbs love because doing aroma business is not about money, if u focus so much money, mother nature have other ways to handle de:> Must be truthful and compassion and lovely.

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