Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Use of Essential Oil

Using of essential oil is amazing if u learn to blend into ur daily life.

It seems to envelop u for a moment of step back and tell ur body u are ok.

Omhealth has 10 Special blend

5 element oil --- Cleansing environmental
Bryan relax blend --- remove damp energy in body by footbath or warm towel scrub
Healing trees oil --- apply bottom of feet before exercise or lack confidence
Love Miracle Blend --- Heal the heart and stomach energy
Spice up life blend Ten Spice Oil --- Fight viral, great support during flu, few drops tissue inhale
Aeonia Dragonfly oil --- Amazing a drop wrist and feel calm and fight anger
Fresh Morning Blend --- give Hope and freshness to ur life
Victorian Secret = == Power oil i put in bag, emergency take out a drop palm, smell change every moment
Purification Inspiration Blend -- Going to most harsh place or area or hospital etc, 2 drops out u can feel protected.
Awakening Blend --- once inhale i wake up my idea


Happy by being alone for 10mins a day

If u want to be happy, learn to live alone be alone for 10mins a day and to experince good energy by working with aroma oil and reading a book on religion, philosophy and inner happiness. This is call habitual happiness. U need to practice and slowly u will change.

When u always no time for urself and forced into a crowd of talkers, by quickly inhale some of my oil, u can retire within the cell of your deep thoughts and enjoy peace of your unner foundation of silence.

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