Sunday, May 1, 2016

Aroma Luck Book Read


All who have attended omhealth workshop before.

Fees: $55 (include tea a pastry)
x1 Anniversary marble worth $25 (collectiable)
Venue: Facing the river cafe:>

Will be a Saturday this time.

Announcement will be made for the date;

The art of reading a book for leisure, knowledge, stress and comfort will be lost soon.

When was the time u have sat down and read a chapter.

Flipping a book is far more wonderful than smart phone reading.

A book: Need to go through alot of effort for the writers to publishers. And informations need to be as accurate as possible. Internet information well..... can be unreliable.

What is the first book and ur stages of life till now.

1st Book: Mickey Mouse ?
2nd Book: Literature
.... fengshui, aromatherapy, short stories, etc

Aroma Health Luck Book Read by Bryan Lao Shi is the first attempt workshop to read you books that he has collected.

Bryan's grandfather (mother's side) was a book collector. He used to ask Bryan to go brash basah to help him buy books. And before he pass on, many books were donated to library.

Book read is part of Bryan's life and how it inspired him to his path now.

Book read session is to celebrate Bryan's omhealth 19th year anniversary in a cafe.

It will bring back alot of good memories with You and health information and beauty and abit of luck items.

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