Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Get Younger with Bryan

The most wonderful COCONUT OIL EASABSORB (takes me long time to research this one and is suitable for SIngaporeans)

For hives and eczema can refer to the label beside:>

Last two nights i was abit lazy and use this coconut on body and to face to sleep. Wake up with wonderful results.

Is ok to have oil on face and body 2 times a week. Is a wonderful experience.
Normally after i cleanse my face, i will apply the serum than after totally absorb will use oil for face.

Omhealth Oil series has

1) 4R rose facial oil
2) Neroli facial oil
3) Immortella facial oil

if u never use oil for face... really really must try.

We have 3 different types of powerful carrier oil they are

1) Rice Bran Oil
2) jojoba oil easabsorb
3) Coconut oil (scentless type) easabsorb

Use oil (but must u smartly if we are living in a 4 season summer countries)

Alot of commercial oil dont suit Singaporean skin because of the weather. And time time to use it must also take note. I only use oil in evening for face. But body can day and night.
And i use oil for face twice a week but body daily.

When we get older our skin is slow to regenerate. The fat cells under skin will shrink and the inner layers of our skin become thinner. 

Skin loses its firmness and elasticity and we’re left with wrinkles.
 Everyone will have to deal with wrinkles at some point, but the severity of the problem will differ from person to person depending on genetics, weight fluctuations, sun exposure, and the kinds of skin products we use over time.

Using oil evening time works wonder.

Omhealth Coconut oil

Is the grade for body and face.

This coconut oil soften the skin and the feeling is great. For face u just try abit on face will do.
Body and and neck can apply. Wake up with good skin.

  • It maintains the skin’s connective tissues, preventing sagging and wrinkles while repairing damaged skin.
  • It prevents the formation of dark spots due to aging and sun exposure.
  • The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and lauric acid in coconut help to repair damaged skin and protect against harmful UV rays.

How Bryan use his either rice bran oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil?

For body: I will put enough drops on palm, and than a drop rose geranium and lime oil on it and massage legs and hand. Whiten skin and rejuvevnate skin. To me is like a defense for illness.

For face: After cleansing tone, i will use any oil above i have just 2 drops warm palm and dab to skin after the serum.

remember many times the way we use oil is different from Ang Mo countries. And omhealth oil hor all are fresh and good.

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