Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Good Skin

Good Skin or I say healthy skin that everyone wants.

A) Is breathing exercise 3 mins  a day ( it become my habit to perform deep breathing before i get out of the bed in the morning)
B) Adequate Water is needed daily
C) Skincare................

omhealth skincare works on body mind and emotion:

The Moisturiser series take cares of everyone

The way of using omhealth skincare is cleanse, tone and serum follow by Moisturiser

Moisturiser: Marine Collagen (for oily skin use evening, if not some can use day and night), Perfectionist (super good moisturiser with matt finish look and packed with flowers), Synergy Cream (it has frankincense, ginger and circulation herbs).
Snow Cream is extremely good too for the weather and rejuvenate skin.

Super sensitive skin u can use: Algae Factor Moisturiser for day and night first to build ur skin strength. This algae moisturiser ingredient is equivalent to the branded brand $380 50ml moisturiser the Laaaa,,,,, , Many love it too.

Omhealth Facial Serum targets to
SERUMs Range
粉嫩白, 抗敏感, 补水
i) Algae factor Serum can be used for sensitive skin day and night.
And normal skin best also.
ii) Antiage serum : First generation serum with powerful hydrating power that repair skin deep level
iii) Magwhite serum: One and only one skin brightening whitening serum which ingredients that surpass many brands. This serum till today used by many

Omhealth Skin repair and cell activation range

We have two hydrating mask that suit Singapore weather:
free from SLS, Paraben and harmful chemicals

i) Hydrating face and eye Mask: Ingredients calm skin and also reduce dark eye circle and tightening. This is the only mask that can use under eye. And once a week u can treat it as a sleep mask.
Sleep Mask DIY : Apply antiage serum or Algae factor serum on face follow by this hydrating face and eye mask and go to sleep. Eyes area of course use HA eye serum

ii) Rose Bionic Mask: It is packed with chrysanthemum, rose, water lock Hydra to let ur skin "drink water", lock water and also feel good.

Special Care

Famous A8D dragon blood face gel: 补充流失elasticity and collagen.


Seems to be a trend in the market having alot of new beauty shop, using very young nice skin model and very bright shop and making the whole shop looks like nature...

Some shop are ok but some although make u feel natural, if u look at the ingredients is free from one chemical but pack with other chemical.

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