Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Eye Serum and Eye Juice

omhealth eye care has helped many to reduce fine lines around the eye area and it works wonder.
Alot of clients suddenly have teeny lines around the eyes which totally cause by dehydration and lost of collagen and also lack of drink water and greens.

Above lines sometimes suddenly have:>

Wrinkles caused by dehydration are simply the result of a lack of water. 

Much like the skin of an apple that has dried up, when hydration is not maintained, your skin loses its brightness and vitality. 

Working with HA eye serum allow your skin molecules to have the natural ability to capture or settle water superficially and deeply within the skin. 

And when water retain u be ok. If not, you will notice the first appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of dehydration around the eye area and then on the face as a whole. 

Sometimes the lines alot cracked. once i have this and even middle of night i wake up apply eye serum.
Omhealth eye care series captures water within the deepest layers of the skin contributing to its density. 
People spend few hundred dollars for a eye cream etc. But this quality eye cream, eye gel and eye serum 3 items at $155
Is really a sincere set.

And we have a powerful face and eye mask at $68

For first time using, daily apply eye serum 3-4 times. 

Morning after eye serum apply dragonblood eye gel. At night sleep eye serum follow by ginseng eye cream.


We all must face the fact. As we age, eye area will get dry very easily .

Normally by the time we start to notice eye area already has gone dehydrated and dryness wrinkles form.

Nothing in this world, even famous doctor can remove dark eye circle in one treatment. Even best laser cant laser away dark eye circle. U ask me I know. Me uncle born with SINUS line eye circle and the bone shadow . When I was asked to do TV I struggle . But again I do a lot of hydration and it helps.

Don't be too Zai Yi... Our face skin is important, normally ur eye circle obvious because u too tired. Once ur eyes enough rest.Dark eye circle is sexy. I tell u

99% of all BIG star and Korean star has serious dark eye circle. U see TV clearly u see how much cover they have. So actually we all very ok de:>

Only with good food, rest and eye products (which are gentle) can reduce.

First we don't look at dark eye circle, we look at hydrating the eye area. Is always cause by dehydration. Especially in office if can when back from lunch put a drop of this handy eye serum.

For me this eye serum was invented before the TV show hopefully people will notice my hardwork.

An eye serum good one should not be $200. But $50 is good very very good le.
Try ba. At night after eye serum follow by my ginseg eye cream.

How to open this eye serum?
Peel from the arrow. And than daily pump 2 drops out apply around eyes area.


1) Drink at least ten glasses of water everyday.
2).Dark Circles under eye are generally due to a lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, deficiency or some disease. Take all precautions to avoid strain on the eyes.  But how, u cannot avoid how?

--- Apply a drop of roman chamomile facial oil on both eyes area ( a drop for two). Put warm face towel over face for 3mins. Wash aways with cold water.
---Apply eye serum.

3) Parsley Blender with some ice to become smoothie

Watermelon ( one slice) , Cucumber (1 inch width), red apple (one) , ginger one slice and Parsley

While you could chop up watermelon and juice it, it’s so high in water content that it is especially suitable for blending. The same goes for cucumber.
There are also beneficial nutrients in the seeds of both watermelon and cucumber, so if you’re not afraid of a little texture, then keep the seeds in (the better the blender the smaller these will be chopped up).

It cleanse , kidney, liver and urinary tract and indirectly affect eyes health.

Eye care related products

a) HA EYE SERUM  $50

d) Dragonblood eye gel $55
d) Blue roman chamomile oil (use for warm compress)

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