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Do you know during my time study of aromatherapy in 1997, we dont just study oil properties but the vibrational energy of each oil. Why a same bottle of lavender u buy from A feel different from B. Well all plant energy are alive:>

2 drops Omhealth Ginger oil
4 drops Omhealth Lemongrass
4 drops Omhealth Ten Spice Up life Blend
20ml rice bran oil

(from today u can buy from omhealth glass bottle blend at $2.50)

This blend is good for massage hand and legs and chest. And it detox body too.


In life, when a person have more things, we will have more worries and sometimes less is best. But again of course we must work hard to achieve what we want for life purpose and responsibilties.
But very important not to so attached with what u have end up lost urself.

不要为外物所拘束,心安乐得。就可明心见性。人生最不舍得两样东西,one is money, one is life. When u are alive, money is the most important. So when a person is alive and can do charity work to help people is really very respectable.

When a person is in danger, money is not important. Even when a rich person fall into the sea, he can trade his wealth for life.

So remember: 有钱不一定幸福。努力赚钱活的开心是幸福。

Once a very rich man married with 2 wives and few children. But every day he question himself why he is very unhappy. And everyday worry for children and also jealousy of the wives.

So living acrosss the street, a poor family selling tofu, seems very happy. They wake up early to make tofu. But the children and family always have laughters:

One day he asked a Wiseman, why is he so unhappy. So the Wiseman , ask him to put some gold bars secretly at the poor family house.
Now from that day, the poor family who have the gold bar, they go change to silver pieces and hide in house. They dont wake up early anymore and.... starts to.... quarrel etc....

Lesson: 福报好的时候要慢慢用。最大福气是清福。

 Why the above blend?

Ginger: Let go and be grounded , lesson learnt
Lemongrass: Detox and find peace within. Release unhappiness 
Ten Spice oil: Feel contented and courage to face challenge in life and feel each challenge is for better tomorrow.


From day one till today, many ask me why i dont expand my business to a marketing company and can promote me to many office and overseas to give talks since now i am titled as health guru? Well, i think , my parents are getting age  now, i spend alot of time on giving talks and writing blog for u all. I spend more time in front of computer for my seminar and work. Now is time to give them more time.

Being in 女人我最大 show infact open me up to few TV show in CHina and Taiwan from contacts. But i turn down all.

And I focus on giving a workshop on 25th Sep 2016. Time now is different from last time. In the past people love to attend workshop because less youtube and media. but now different le. 
But those are with me for 10 years, will understand yearly health beauty talk shared very important and fun informations.

I encourage those who want to learn ways to release chronic illnesses like insomnia, aches and digestive issues and for beauty and health do come for this talk. I use to conduct health talk monthly but now once a year.

It save u all the trouble to get right informations.

I have chosen CSC auditorium because they have renovated and it celebrates our 10 years anniversary in CSC

Many CC approach me to give cooking class but i really just focus once a year talk. And guess what I am preparing hand written notes for u.

Venue: CSC Auditorium
Date 25th Sep
Fees : $45 (include auric roller and footpatch detox)
Email now:
Include a 100 people positive affirmation .

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