Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Skin care and news

Ok being soon 45 people do ask, what skincare i use. Sometimes my friends ask me what I use. But they are into brands and not about fresh ingredients and tested ingredients.

But again I am the walking example for my brand. So I will want to encourage all of u.
Kick off with few items from omhealth skincare. And stick to it. Example the Lenovol Ginseng facial mist , i didnt intro much but many know how it radiance ur skin.

Today Shall share with u some tips and what I drink.

Item 59 : Dragonblood A8D face neck gel

As time goes by, our face vessel get thinner and skin also become "lazier" to efficiently remove toxin.

This results skin to appear less define and jawlines sometimes just disappear.

Now by performing

1) Proper facial Cleansing use Astiquer cleanser (item 46)
2) Facial Flora Scrub (item 67) (omhealth most powerful scrub that regulate the cellular of face and flush away the toxin leaving skin rich and smooth)
3) Lavender or rose  otto water(item 49) to let ur skin hydrated after cleanse and prep for serum
4) Antiage serum (item 51) day time follow by the Dragonblood gel face massage

Dragonblood Gel can be used daily or 3 times a week for massage. Daily night cream can be Marine Collagen, Synergy cream or Perfectionist

All items can be found in

For newbies: If u want to try our most popular skincare. Kick off with

1) Lavender water (put in fridge and with cotton compress face)
2) Serum Antiage
3) Eye care series

U will love it:>

Bryan Lao Shi recommend Rose Tea:

Given our exposure to environmental free radicals and toxins, our skin needs all the help it can get. You do not need to spend a fortune on expensive cosmetic products when you can receive all the healthful, nutritious properties that your skin needs from a more natural source.
Skincare from omhealth are in natural form and is well like by many:>
Drinking plenty water and also some flower herbal tea can help reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging. 
Rose tea also supports the body’s immune system while promoting essential collagen production and we know that collagen is the protein most responsible for the health of your skin and your hair.

My favourite recipes: (drink 3 times a week )

3 rose bud
1 red dates (slice it remove seeds)
All in a cup boiling water , steep for 15mins .

Than add Linden Honey (if u drink evening, linden honey can help sooth the nerves)

For day time

3 rose  bud
2 omhealth nepal ginger slice
in a thermal flask pour in boiling water steep.

Day time use Acacia honey represent skin beauty.
Bring office drink.

Support local products

$45 Acacia and $35 Linden honey, they are very super certified organic and u can sms order 96523139.

Sometimes u need not be spokesman but u can be supportive of good products.

NB: omhealth no longer in contract with Goji C. Two years ago, a investor into my formular of amla so i do all free promo because at least i done something for the market. Frankly speaking omhealth no profit from the GojiC which many dont know. So we break contract and now I am so free to intro what i want.

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