Monday, November 7, 2016

3 new products updated

Hi all I was so busy with my talks seminar and forgotten to update u:>
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The detail product list updated:

u can order by shopping cart or by with proper details and payment.

1) True Brightening Mask: Launch within a week sold to 23 customers. And some has written back to me how good it feels.  (item 90)

2) Purple Balm (continuation of rose balm) was lunched and with blue pea flower. The effect is great for tension neck shoulder and a great balm to put in office . Can release stress

3) WOW the shampoo and conditioner set. : How come this set , receive feedbacks daily ahahhaah. The hair has never been so smooth.
Some ask me whats the different with my former Cedarwood and Hairgrowth shampoo. First is the price . U can use this set daily and well the cedarwood one can use few times a year. Interchange.
(item 94 and 95)

4) The Ding oil: Is amazing (Item 19)

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