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Lion Mane Soup for brain eyes and stomach

Bryan Lao Shi Talk Talk Talk on Health Beauty Luck 3 IN 1 20th year anniversary. (minor religious content for the luck luck one)

1st October 2017
CSC Auditorium
Time: 930am
Limit to 188 seats compare to 2 years ago 500 seats for exclusiveness.
Fees: $38 with free gifts:> register now

Last month I conducted Health and Beauty with Bryan and I promised to prepare s oup recipe for all.

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And I must apologise to do it today before I travel. I was so busy with upcoming event:>

This soup is good for healing the stomach, nourish stomach and protect the eyesight.

太子参 20 gram
石斛 6 gram
枸杞子 20 gram
龙眼干 9 gram
猴头菇 50gram
(Lion mane immerse water half hour, squeeze water out and than small pieces .

This soup has a deeper properties

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Nerve regeneration, remyelination, and increased Nerve Growth Factor (NGF)
  • Improved digestive function and relief from IBS
  • Immunosupportive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
  • Anticoagulant; mild ACE inhibitor; improved lipid profile

Drink twice a month can help to strengthen our body and helps to calm the mind and is very good for people who have gastric and stomach issue to nourish it.

I notice lately many people has stomach cold or nausea feelings or just dont feel right with tummy. Make this soup ok, U can add pork ribs and some salt to taste and even add sweet corn and red carrot.


Your oil of anti bloatedness, and also when u small u can feel body wind purge out,
Is a very valuable oil and was once Hawaii time use flowers. But again I wanna say the scent is
Sweet , yummy, flora, gingery.... gosh I cant explain

This oil can be used for

nausea, stomach upsets issues, motion sickness, joint pain, in the acient time for internal injuries, against gram bacteria, U can dilute 2 drops with few drops rice bran oil to massage stomach or shoulder for tension.

Also a very good oil to relieves sadness, depression, and brings up anger to be cleared. It can clear headaches too.

If u mix with coconut oil massage body skin, ur skin will be so rejuvenated and  smooth next day,

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