Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Meet Up Small Pro Class with Bryan Lao Shi (FULL HOUSE) 25th June and next is 16th July 2017

The next Class will announce soon .

As 25th June class full house;
Small Class Teaching next New Date: 16th July 2017
For students who attended workshop before;

Free Gifts:
1) Omhealth Special Blend
2) footpatch x 2 and a stem cell drink
3) 3 leg brand special gift
4) A sample bottle of honey
5) a jsmall bottle joint formular supplements

25th June  (FULL HOUSE).     
1pm to 3pm   ( Next Class 16th July)
Fees: $90

(15 seats stictly)

Is a 1 pm class ok ! I never given noon class for ages! Meet and learn with bryan lao shi of class size 15 at Shaw tower tea house exclusive ! u will meet Bryan's 3 students and myself sharing

 1) Aromatherapy Techniques for some ailments.
2) Meridians (focus on 2 meridians)
3) Tea tasting segment by tea lao shi
4) Aroma back massage demo and Exercise techniques
5) Local herbs sharing:>
6) Moxibustion simple points
7) Light Grounding Non religious health Meditation

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