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Bryan's SkinCare

Powerful Beautiful Skin Juice with DrOATS
(DrOats is one of my favourite drinks since last year. It has alot of goodness and also mirco minerals that our body need. Is one of the must have drinks. And let me show u how i use it in juicing and many powerful recipes coming up.)

Stay tune.

Extracted from their wesbsite


  • Montana Embryo Oats
    Harvested at the golden nutrient time of oats, Montana Embryo Oats are high in fiber, calcium and protein.
  • Montana 17 organic seeds
    These seeds are the purest source of dietary fiber and amino acids.
  • 9 kinds of mixed nuts
    These nuts are rich in dietary fiber, trace elements, and monounsaturated fatty acids.
  • Ireland Seaweed derived calcium
    Easily absorbed, Ireland Seaweed derived calcium is suitable for vegetarian and lactose intolerant.
I must admit i drink because is tasty. If not i wont drink also ahahah.

22nd August another JUICE receipes with DROATS care.

Go get a box and learn :> See u facebook LIVE 22nd August 9am

Dont forget 3rd Sep 2017 ; Small class teaching with Bryan lao Shi.

Sunshine Plaze : Light Up Your Life
Fees: $55
Time: 930am
All will get a pack of toothpaste with toothbrush
All will get 3 satchet of DROAT care
All will get a clear Quartz and Peachwood lock

 I really have great faith in omhealth skincare. do support local products. They are not from Korezzz and Chizzz which many skincare get from there le. We insist good safe quality and since 1998.

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Omhealth skincare is packed with power of naature and freshness. Their ingredients designed with love and care from Bryan Lao Shi. Is a perfect solutions for flawless and true wonderful auric skin from within.

It has gained recognition and secretly use by many stars from Singapore to overseas.


Lately we have some Tai tai who used to use $$$$$ $600 a bottle of cream and $300 a bottle of serum switch to omhealth skincare set. And once they switch to omhealth skincare routine... They cant switch back to commercial skincare le.


All products from omhealth is from Australia or NewZealand manufactured for omhealth. And besides fresh, no parabens, fragrance, SLS and silicon added.

Especially skincare shampoo is our daily usages items. We want to reduce extra burden to our body.

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Astiquer  Facial Cleanser: Lavendula vera and herbs that gently purifies and powerfully prepares skin to receive the benefits of all flowers
Raffier teatree cleanser: Use few times or evening time to super cleanse.

Toner Lavendula Water or Rose Hydrosol: Feel Great the real fresh plants essence that soften ur skin reduce roughness and redefine ur skin to be translucent ready

Scrub Antiage: One of the scrub that becomes the only scrub facial scrub for many ladies since 2003

Serums: either one

Antiage serum day time to hydrates u throughout day and harsh environment

Magwhite serum: Use evening time to regenerate and repair skin and whiten skin from within

Omhealth Moisturiser

I) Day Milk ( for day lite hydrations for youthful resilience and powerful radiance)

   follow by spf collagen 25, pea size dab gently over face

LUNCH TIME: USe Glamor Mist for fine pores and stunning good aura skin glow. and remove tiredness look.
Dinner: When have event, spray this mist

    Interesting fact: This moisturiser u can use every month different types,
i) Marine Collagen: Recommend night
ii) Perfectionist : Day or night
iii) Synergy Cream: Very rich for aged skin

                  Special Care:
A8D Dragonblood gel: For highest amount of antiwrinkle ingredients, luxury $$$$ night treatment crea , helps skin to filrm and youthful powerful flawless beam. It is quick absorbing and effortlessly see good result

For me Ifind this A8D , apply massage le u can still apply abit ur moisturiser if u have dry skin.

                 EYE Care:

1) HA eye serum
2) Dragonblood eye gel
3) Ginseng eye cream

Facial oil

A) Famouse grandeur facial oil
B) Famous Rose Chrysanthemum facial oil

Very rich facial Oil
A) Neroli facial oil
B) Immortella facial Oil (especially good to bring for cold countries)

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