Friday, September 15, 2017

1st October 2017

1st October 2017 Workshop

Everyday I am preparing this workshops. Many ask me what are the topics. And again I didnt say much. Because everyday I am trying to pull out things from my 20 years studies that can benefit people.
Normally near my birthday I will celebrate anniversary talk together.

My topics will be from handling bodyaches to digestion to mental wellness.

Nowadays when I give workshop, I spend alot of time thinking daily how to help more people. I dont want just prepare some technical slides fix the information and share.
I want to have a free flow on how to help all to have a better health.

That day morning I will go to Market to buy herbs and see that day what information comes to my mind.

As u know every morning i will go exercise and i will think on that day what exercise will help u most ok:>

1st October 2017;

Will be a special workshop to remind all on some basic health tips but yet can change ur body system to a better one.

I have also invited Anna Phua to demo on 3 recipes for beauty and health.
I have also invited Michelle Lao Shi to share with u essence of music therapy.
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 Also that day to support local brand, i have invited

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1) Honey API Uniflora company (buy on spot can save $$$)
2) MydrMCT oil (errr MCT oil really helps in energy and memories)

do support them.

They didnt pay me to promote them. But I have decided to call them in so u can get things cheaper. At all time, u dont have to buy the items, and choose ur own brand of Acacia and linden and MCT oil. I think u know my style.


On that day itself, I may not have manpower to bring alot items to sell there. Lao shi busy la. So if u have any skincare and aroma oil items to buy and want collect that day. U can email to, for above $100 will have 15 % discount and this is strictly for those who attending the workshop. And please dont email the day before de as we need time to pack.


This event left 20 seats le.

Email to
Fees $38
Time seated 930am ends at 12 plus

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