Thursday, October 5, 2017

Book read With Bryan Lao Shi and Invited Guest

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Book read with Bryan Lao Shi for people with open minded and nice people.

Date: 3rd December 2017
Venue: National Library
Fees: $38
Limited Seats: 70; Email to

An event to motivate all to start reading again for health and beauty:>
A dash of 10mins crystal healing and music therapy music sharing with Bryan laoShi (u will listen to a 10 mins healing track from USA)

I will be doing demo on facial massage and also reading u some of the secret herbs recipes in ancient book collections from Bryan LaoShi teacher.

U will able to see the first book bryan lao shi has for natural therapy.
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Invited Guest:

Doctor Xue:

  1. Singapore MOH Registered TCM Physician
  2. Graduated from NTU-BUCM Double Degree programme in Biomedical Sciences and Chinese Medicine (BUCM = Beijing University of Chinese Medicine)
  3. Studies in respiratory diseases, pain management and tuina techniques
  4. 10 years’ experience in Judo, 1st Dan black belt under International Judo Federation (IJF) and Kodokan (Japan) systems
  5. Memberships in Academy of Chinese Medicine, Singapore (ACMS) and World Manipulative Medicine Association (Singapore)

He will talks about bone health and how to take care:> He has 1/2 hour to share:>

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