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Bryan Lao Shi Antiheadache 101 tea

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Is a season many may get headaches or tiredness in the eyes. Also sleep also not stable. U can try this tea but drink 3 consecutive day can le. If u scare cooling add one red dates with the seed one. The amount below very save no too cooling:>

The tea enable release tension headaches, mouth ulcer recover faster and also unhappiness.

I also call it Anti Mad People Tea

as its ability to protect your heart, boost your immune system, improve vision, calm your nerves, lower inflammation, strengthen your bones, and treat respiratory issues, among others.

( Drink 3 times a week can le and each time one cup ) Please dont tell me is very cooling as inside only 5-6 yellow flowers. I really dont like people without doing research and teach people wrong things. Like red dates is heaty???? No is no is warming. Ok thats go ur recipes.


mix 6 yellow chrysanthemum and 5 Lian Zi Xin. It helps.

Chrysanthemum has 2 types, U must ask for Yellow one. (not the white one, but white one can be yellow color also) So ask carefull say u want the 药用菊花。

Both items put in a big mug pour in boiling water steep for 15mins. Drink.

Than after u drink apply lavendula vera, peppermint and marjoram with 3 drops rice or jojoba or coconut oil next chest and shoulder.

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Peppermint $1
Marjoram $2

This 3 items farm increase alot le.

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