Friday, April 27, 2018

omhealth Skincare Dragon Blood Gel A8D

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  • It Increases the production of collagen which helps skin to be tight and firm and wrinkle firm.
  • Helps to firm and tone the skin..
  • Dragon's Blood helps to reduce inflammation and very good for stress sensitive skin.
  • Peptide: Reduces fine lines, promoting younger looking skin.

Do you know our skin need good lite products to nuture it instead giving them a complicated formular

This A8D Dragonblood Gel is designed for all skin type and it helps to activate the natural regenerative energy that your skin cells has. The blend of herbs and dragonblood gel and peptide helps to defy age and produce a luminous complexion.

OMG Series improves dark spots and uneven skin tone by filling melanocytes with moisture and go into the pigmentation problems..

OMG Serum and OMG Moisturiser

OMG Serum
Without alot of effort this OMG range is for helping pigmentations and tired skin. An anti age whitening serum help ur skin's youthful cycles that result the pigmentation to be hyper active. It brighten and clear skin. The overal tone of the skin will be even. This serums really targets dark spots.

OMG Moisturiser
After apply serum follow by this wonderful moisturizer it flood your skin with powerful whitening active ingredients that further repair those dark spots.

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