Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Feeling Immune Protected when travel

This are my usual kit that I will bring when travel.

Lemon is so powerful when someone around u in an enclose environment cough. U inhale 3 drops from tissue can stop the airborn disease.

Lavendula and Peppermint is a must when having neck tension.

Spice oil is a immune booster.

The white bottle is my aloe gel double blue flower which help to calm any rashes.

Do u know when lavendula vera combine with peppermint it create a powerful way to relax headaches too.

Before sleep in hotel room. Blanket put few drops of lavendula vera and lemon oil, it helps to create a wonderful sleeping aura.

Ten spice oil is good to use for immune boosting too.

all the oil in shoppping cart. Time to travel time to protect urself.

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