Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Omhealth TWO famous balm and rollers (rollers to be continued)

Few years ago I have decided to launch an aromatherapy balm and i was thinking what is good and make us feel comfortable and free from chemicals.

Rose Balm

So the first balm is rose balm It was designed to release stress and also middle of night wake up, apply neck shoulder can help to promote good sleep. It can be applied to chest to release tension and worries. The scent and the calming effect of rose balm is amazing.

ift your mood and boost positivity

Rose balm promotes calm and courage when times get tough. It is so easy to use and smell wonderful it is specially chosen ratio of oil this balm to help people "cheerup and forget the stress", and to promote inner peace and self love when times get tough.

 It is beeswax deeply moisturizes while pure lotus and pink rose to encourage you. How I use? I apply neck and temples and chest when really stress. Because is natural balm please use them and finish it by a year. Is really good quality.

Secret Garden Purple Balm 
(Is much stronger minty than rose balm and serve different purpose and i use for neck shoulder gentle kwa sha)

This balm instills clear thinking and confidence; and is stronger than rose balm so it is uplifting and cheering;
 Bluepea flowers helps build inner strength and are soothing and relaxing.

It can helps Headache and Stuffy nose plus fast and effective relief of headache, stuffy nose, insect bites, itchiness, muscular aches and pains, sprains and flatulence.

How to use: Apply gently on affected area. It is formulated to relieve irritated muscular aches on the shoulder, For sportsmen, it can can be used as a warming up balm.

 How to use: Apply on the affected areas by rubbing slowly with a steady pressure. If necessary.Compress with a warm towel to the affected areas. The absorbed heat will be re-activated and could improve blood circulation.

Rollers (carry around use when tired )

First rub abit on index fingers and than use the fingers massage temples and neck. Dont rub direct on areas.

Clarity roller: Clear tiredness and office mind fog. It wont leave u a medicated oil smell after 10mins and is pure essential oil
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Auric roller: Is very good and happy aura

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