Monday, September 10, 2018

Heaven and Earth Blend

Heaven and Earth blend (Launch today) 12pm


Heaven and Earth Blend was accidentally introduced during the 21st anniversary talk. That time, i supposedly to let my dad pass the affirmation oil blend for people to smell. But ahaha I pass my dad the blend i suppose to launch year end . And to my surprise everyone is asking about the oil and even some coorporate want to order this oil for the staff.

Of course I need to wait for the right time to launch which is today.

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This blend is an optimism inspire blend. For too long many affected by energy of overthinking and lack of true joy now is time to have actions effects which are uplifting as well as relaxing.

So u can see is a very good blend that opens up the heart chakra, and allows you to release what is no longer needed and to be in control of current situations and not depleted ur energy.

I felt that it helps inspire happiness and can help sharpen our tot and wisdom, hopefully helping you to sail thru ur life in a new level and today a rainbow appear which is the right time.

Alot of times this kind of blend cause $120 in market and omhealth sincerely a local brand with sincere heart to launch this at $55 .

This blend activate positive Qi in environment

It will be in shopping cart by 12pm:>

Are u the first few who get this oil? 


How to USE?

3-5 drops in tissue depends on strength u want in tissue than put in room or fan stick there. Or one drop in tissue throw into ur bag or wallet.

The scent is amazing. Do not deep inhalation directly so fast because is very strong oil

Alot people mistaken aromatherapy is like perfume must smell nice all the time. But is not, is about the energy and aura emitted fromt he oil.

Hope ur house can benefit from this good fengshui oil. It helps us able to cope with new environment. This blend encourage us to have the courage to eliminate obstacles and to have bliss.

Good Luck September (time to do aroma rinse and eat health vitamins, ur body will be well)

This oil can also be put in pail of warm water (5 drops) than use a good morning towel and scrub body gently.

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I have this kind of pail since young because we dont have luxury to use bathtub but my oil blend once in a pail of warm water transform ur toilet and environment to very luxury moments.

Auspicious Day today to next 15 days. Use this aroma water rinse and scrub body brings alot of health benefits in the body five element Ki.

Tea to drink: Green tea before 12pm will bring peace.

Evening time eat one red date (do few times this month can le)

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