Thursday, March 28, 2019

Morning Boost

For past 22 years of delivering health talks and beauty talks. And meeting different people from media and students. One thing many concern most is aging.

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So with the aesthetics that is easily reached many are tempted to do botx or fillers.

U may have done before. And some just to try . But some get addicted aand will reach a stage of no returns and end up only u feel u look nice and other people will look at u in a different way.

Most obvious are all the 90s media artists many who gone thru botox fillers looks eagle head suddenly.

I prefer natural aging. Is part of life. But again we want to look ok at our age. I have been very hardworking in slowing down my aging process.

As many know i was born with weak body and since young i have serious bone degeneration and weak organs. But i am always determined and believe that daily care , aromatherapy, acupressure and Qi gong (not those long one) can help.

So for past 15 years never a day i stop pressing accu points and using aromatherapy.

I have devoted my life to making beautiful, healthy skin care attainable by everyone. From my cleanser, to serums to moisturizer.

I always believe good skincare kicks off with my Antiage cleanser( and the Lavender water . Many love koreaaaa skincare but if u check the ingredients and also the texture, what u paid for is the advertisement the cream normally so so only. Try my Active serum and u will know what is good serum. OEM Australia and fedex to Singapore.

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The way I help people to achieve good skin is to promote wellness. The skin after all is a microcosm of the entire body and it reflects what is going inside.

The most Lucky antiage mist. This mist got all scientific ingredients to bring good energy and also good skin. It fights environmental stress and hydrate skin. Slowly day by day ur skin glows.

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Glamour Mist is wonder product to have (Click to read more)


Bryan Lao Shi Super Man Drink.

So I dont want to confuse u too much. Good skin begins with drinking powder power drink 4 times a week after breakfast.

U can invest any brand :
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1) Wheatgrass powder (fu hua or Guardian or watson many brand)
2) Beetroot powder
3) Maca Powder / sometimes i mix with PaoSheng and SHi hu powder
4) FandN soy milk
5) Chia seeds
6)MCT oil

Chia seeds in immerse water half hour.

Than half a cup soy milk, a teaspoon beetroot powder, a teaspoon maca powder and the chia seeds (already grow) and wheatgrass powder. Follow by fill up with warm water.

Drink it:> feel good.

Every day I will do this pose for 1 minute to improve digestion and body circulations. Happy baby pose can also fight depression. Physically, this posture is a major hip opener. It stretches the inner thighs and groin as well as the back of the legs, or the hamstrings. It releases the spine and sacrum, and is particularly beneficial in releasing, or decompressing, the SI (sacroiliac) joint.

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