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Beauty Class 2005

I still remember when i was in Uni. One of my presentation for the class is about skincare. And i share about importance of moisturizing and hydrating. And in 2005 I conducted a class call

Get Younger with Bryan Lao Shi

Imaging that time I was in my 30s (early) and this class are students ranging from 30 to 50. So I wonder are u all younger now:>

Being in late 40s and I mean late late. There are fear of skin to sag overnight and no matter how much u take care, u need to accept aging.

I dont do botox of fillers . Even I was once tempted because during one of the Beauty TV show everyone seems doing and openly discuss. And I was encourage to do fillers for my eyes and cheeks.

But i didnt. I mean I am a man, is ok to age gracefully and some lines and normal sag are just way of defining journey in life. And i believe natural therapy can ensure me to age better and I accept the aging part now.


Problems of Age Catching UP your skin

1) Dehydrate very easily
2) Not enough sleep the skin becomes dull
3) Cheeks and jaws side start to "drop"
4) Eyes no longer glow like young time

And summarise it with two of my class notes back in 2000s

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Above : U need to have some supplements that have some antiaging ingredients; Market there are many, choose one is reputable and enough research.

For sagging or already sag skin performing Facial Gua Sha is extremely important and is my key to facelift without surgerly

U must use water and oil : Lavender water and than some facial Oil like grandeur facial oil .

SKincare for the above problems: Active Serum, A8D dragonblood gel is a must


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Well u cannot escape from dull skin if u dont drink enough water. Many dont drink enough water. Once u are hydrated skin will not be so dull.

U need 8 glasses of water . and also at all time 3 times a day spray the glamour facial mist.

Day time u must use TRUE BRightening rose C serum or active serum and night time u must use either Magwhite serum or OMG serum

Many neglected mask;

Dull skin: U need th Stem cell mask

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3 table spoon of Chamomile, 10 lavender bud and 1 small Gan Cao cut to small pieces.

Everyday I take 1 teaspoon and make a cup of tea before sleep. Skin Glow ok.

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