Monday, July 29, 2019

Taking Care of our Body

In order for us like a candle or lamp to shine longer and keep burning. We need to have a strong power bank or keep adding oil to the oil lamp.

Singapore is a fast pace country. Everything is proactive and multi tasking and competitive. Even till old we are encourage to continue education.

Many sales or professions need to hit target and sacrifice their health to reach that. And in Singapore including my parents do not having the habits of eating healthy food.

My dad smoke since he was 12 and there is not even a easy way to ask him quite smoking , as the only child i am constantly worried for their health and best i can do is to encourage. As for my mom , she sort of eat in a more healthy form but again not up to my standards. So in early part of my relationships with parents was in a tension of struggle of how a health guru to ensure family members eat healthy.

To my surprise many of my doctors and nuitrition friends told me the most difficult part is to convince own parents.

And I start to learn that the medicine and health food for parents is keep them happy and Niam them moderately. As they should take charge of their health.

The key to good health are

1) Emotionally balance and happy: Too many of us has stored anger and emotion from work and family , without releasing it, this can cause more harmful damage to the immune systems.

So i suggest to listen to music and use oil like Egypt Geranium and Grapefruit pink in Tissue inhale to release this tension.

2) Drink tea moderately: Everyday i will drink tea, but my tea there is no fix one. Ranging from green tea to flower tea to herbal tea. But I often take them before 3pm. Except when stress I will have lavender and chamomile flower tea in the evening.

3) Exercise: I was diagnose with some health condition when young and supposely i am having a weak body and yes i must say weak at my age now but since 2004 i start to exercise till today. I feel the once ur meridians is flowing in the right traffic, health will improve.

4) Digestive: I stress the importance of having smooth flow daily. But as we age stomach become more sensitive. So to me 3 times  aweek I will take psycllium husk abit before sleep.  Supplement powder green like Kiwano and Ezefeel either brand is good.

5) Spiritual : U can be in any religion with love and compassion. Discover and find out what is purpose of your life.

Of there are a list of Dos and DOnts. But I suggest u to start slow. Do something for your health weekly. May be this week u decide to take less coffee.... next week may be u decide before u sleep perform 10mins yoga breathing exercise.


Feeling not Comfy and Sleep not stable soup (Uncle me lately got this issues because of TV show and radio event and many things to do, so this soup from my master i shall make Tuesday)

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