Monday, April 27, 2020

Bone Health and You

Our bone define us and allow us to stand upright and move about.

For women bone losss accelerates at menopause. And man has denser bone than woman.

Some medication may reduce bone density. So is important we take care.

Here is what you can do to save your bones:

1) Dont smoke;
2) COntrol your alcohol intake.
3) Movement and exercise each day .
4) Eat well
5) Have a morning Sun
6) Beware of calcium stealers like sodium, caffein and sodas.

Bryan Lao Shi Bone Boosting

Pevents osteoporosis
Sesame seeds contain zinc, a mineral, which prevents leaching of calcium from the body, thereby aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis — a condition, which causes weakening of the bones due to low bone mineral density (BMD). The calcium, in combination, with other minerals and vitamins (from other food sources) helps in proper assimilation and absorption of calcium in the body. You can either add sesame seeds to rice or food.
Of course u must buy roasted sesame seeds or at fried it dry on wok for awhile for raw one.
Or use it to make pastries
See the source image
3. A mixture of peppermint oil , lavendula vera and Sweet Marjoram
This contains cold (analgesic) , anti inflammation properties that can reduce bone pain.
1 drop each with a pump of carrier oil like (jojoba, rice bran oil or coconut oil from bryanwellness) and apply to affected part. Thisis known as omhealth 3 oil method.

Benefits of Essential Oils for healing bone

I find that they help to reduce swelling and inflammation when mix with carrier oil and apply (do not massage). And it does relief for painful area and it helps to repair the tissue around the bone fractures and also increaase blood flow to the area for healing

Besides the famous 3 oil

Omhealth Awakening blend and purification oil blend has good results for bone pain. I always tell them after 3 oil method, end with a drop of purification oil on affected part diluted for me if is heel i use direct a drop.

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