Sunday, August 16, 2020

Fate , Happiness and Life

FATE: If u want to change ur fate, change ur attitude.

 What is fate?

Fate is a mystery. There is some kind of force that governs human destiny?

Seems that many believe nothing can be done about it.

In fact fate is actually created by us and up there always give up the freedom to choose how we will act. Thus every act becomes a cause that will produce effect. 


whether you are doing good or bad, you must reap the result of that action. So day by day you are creating the causes that determine your own fates.

So whatever u are facing now. Never give up continue to cultivate good. 


Example: When u go out for makan. U order some food and finished ur food. Than u were thinking may be order abit more things and when u  are done. U regretted and say " I shouldnt have eaten so much".

This is human nature..... Because everyday after food u continue to eat more and this everyday extra cause u have gastric in future. Once u have gastric, u start to blame this and that......

Disease, health, failure, success, inequalities, early death, longlife.... all these are the result of the seed we planted in the past.


It is time to spend 10mins a day to reflect your day and your actions. That is why I say the only way to be happy is to be at the moment. Get in peace and serenity.


1) inhale ur favourite essential oil

2) close ur eyes do 555 breathing exercise. Inhale 5 counts, hold ur breath 5 counts, exhale 5 counts, and hold ur breath 5 counts and visualise breathing in 5 count next golden light. Repeat 3 times

3) Give urself a big loving hug and than reflect ur daily life. What have u done or say wrong throughout the day or what u done is good for urself or the world.

Smile and relax.

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