Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Health and Beauty

 Hi all is JULY:>

And yes is so important we learn to be happy by handling emotion and stress daily with a energy of gratitude, compassion and love.

Many times when a person faces alot of problems, we will be overwhelmed with the energy of problems, and forget the healing energy is always there for us to tap on it and help us. So how are we going to do that?

Whether u like it anot, daily saying gratitude,and doing a simple 8 mins meditation of smiling to urself and five organs and the world is important.

Things to Do for good energy and life and health upcoming years:

Essential Oil: Of you favourite: This season i am using Verbena essential oil .

Affirmations:  Beginning with early morning: I will radiate my cheer to everyone I meet today. I will be the mental sunshine for all who cross my path today.

SAlt bath twice a week.


I keep it simple because i know u, u wont do if I ask u do too much. Again sometimes I wonder u will do if it is too simple:>

Life will bring you many ups and downs. If you let your feelings rise and fall with the waves of circumstance, you will never achieve inner calmness which is the foundation of spiritual and happiness. (after all these years of school exam, relationship, career, wont u think peace and health is all u wan now). 

Always watch your emotions by doing daily practice, I have shared so many methods past 25 years choose one. Rise above likes and dislikes. 

A good rule to live by, and one that will take you sailing through many tests in life, is at all times, to remain even minded and cheerful.


HOW?>>> Even Minded and Cheerful.

Bryan lao Shi method:

a)Essential oil daily (when issue use 3 times a day)

 b) Affirmations with music 

c) Grounding exercise as taught in this video.

This video watch until Minute 35; The lucky draw and winning is for those who watch live in class.


Pu-Er: Grounding Earthly Energy

Energy: Remind us to have time for ourself, connect with our Soul and dont lost our happiness to worldly concern.

Many people wish to be happy, yet they never make the effort to adopt the course of action that leads to happiness. Have good habits cultivate it daily. Bath yourself with drinking this puer of good energy.

Whatever u are facing, children, family, work.... All unfairness and energy lost is because u never protect ur energy. Learn to cultivate energy by doing little good daily. Share in facebook of good informations, salt bath, essential oil. affirmations. Meridian Qi gong.


Bryanwellness puer 13 years aged !
Country : yunan
Appearance : tight brown dark
Taste : clean smooth and flow
Color: golden brown aura
One gram 60 ml boiling water steep one minute ; pour out to share with two pax and than pour in water again steep for two mins ; there re 20 second steep theory but we do it differently;

Day time can add slice of ginger ! Or even rose bud or aged orange peel !

No photo description available.

Hi is now available in FOr those who purchase puer will enter a Puer lucky draw end July:. Once u purchase message grace 93804581.

Verbena Oil Launched on Friday Heaven Door Open day:>  On website

May be an image of flower and text that says "BRYANWELLNESS 100% Essential Oil NOTTESTED TESTED ON ANIMA ORIGIN: South Africa Cape Verbena Lippia javanica 6ml .Antibacterial Antioxidant Immunity Stimulant health" 

Bryanwellness 2021 July NEW Anniversary Oil (20 bottles to be launched only)
Healing Grade AAA Verbena Essential Oil 6ml $55. U can leave a comment here if u want.
1) reduce anxiety and balance nerves system
2) support digestion
3) Lower inflammations
Brings calmness and Good Luck energy
When dilute with carrier oil
: Alongside its antiseptic properties, verbena essential oil also helps to reduce inflammation. This makes it a great choice for anyone suffering from joint or arthritis pain. Dilute verbena in your favorite carrier oil and apply to aching joints for natural and aromatic relief.
Soothe Sore Muscles: Verbena essential oil is a favorite among sports massage experts. It helps to reduce lactic acid build-up, keeping you much more comfortable after a tough workout.
Improve Concentration: Have a long night of work or studying ahead? Drop some verbena oil into an infuser and enjoy its aroma therapeutic benefits. Surrounding yourself in its aroma can help you absorb and retain new information while relaxing away some of the stress and tension of late nights and deadlines.


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