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Aging skin beauty recipe/ acupressure for dark eye circle and eye bags

[ TO ALL BLOG READERS, the post below was posted in 2007. Bryan's very first post when I first started this blog. Time flies. Thanks for reading daily]

I just want to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone. When I first set up this blog, I did not expect it would receive such high viewer rate. I activated the SOUTH of my house with red items for recognitions. 3 years later, this blog has become one of the blog most frequently viewed. Thank you.

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I have introduced this soup in fm 93.3 and this recipe was also introduced to a group of journalists during my press release with Imedeen on beauty and health last week.

This soup helps to reduce water retention, beautify skin and prevent acne and wrinkles from forming.

30 gram green bean, 30 gram red bean, 30 gram english barley, 30 gram white fungus.

Add 2 litre of water and boil till the bean is soft, add rock sugar to taste.

This point is known as "Si Bai". Use finger to press a minute a day to reduce dark eye circle and eye bags. Many of my students told me this method works for them.


Camille said...

Hi Bryan,

May i know what is "white fungus" and where to get it.


lavendar said...

I would like to know how long does it take to see the results if I press the acupoint everyday??

lavendar said...

Hi Bryan,

I would like to know how many times must I take the soup per week for effectiveness??

Thks for your help.

ahbee_me said...

Hi, Bryan, so happy to see your blog. My heel always cracked, how to improve it ? Can the soup keep for overnite ? (keep in the fridge ?) thanks.*^*

Cammi said...

Hi Ahbee_Me,

Recommend u 1 very fansatic foot cream, very very effective, I have very bad crack feet almost the entire feet is crack, I have tried whatever brand that is off the shelves and from doctor also but no use, until one day my dad bought it from India, I try and next day can see the difference, this cream can oso buy from Watson but more xpensive, its Himalaya Foot Cream, tell u very very effective, now my feet is so soomth, really can try.

Bryan said...


is an good advice, in fact normally if you start to apply some cream at ur foot, u will see good results after some time. To enhance the natural skin improvement at the foot, in whole bottle of cream u can add a few drop of lavendula vera and peppermint, not only u feel good but also benefits ur immunes system and general well being

Bryan said...

the soup can be taken twice a week. Yes put in fridge for second day, but remember if you have weak stomach, you need to warm it before you dream.

For personal advice, if u want nice skin, u can even drink white fungus with red dates, 3 consercutive morning empty stomach. But must be warm one.

Bryan said...

Hi the acupressure for the eyes, is everyday, slowly u will see result and u must stop thinking about it. It takes time.... and one day you will be surprise with the results.

Grace said...

hi bryan, glad to receive your email link to yr blog. Since attended yr workshop, i've been following yr instruction to press the acupoint but my dark eye rings seem no improvement. Any other ways or cream that can help?

Helen said...

Hi Bryan,
Regards the acupressure for the eyes only do it on one side or both.

Helen said...

Hi Bryan,

Where can i buy lavendula vera?

Bryan said...

Hi, there is no short cut i mean determination, dark eye ring cannot be erasein a week or 2, natural remedies take time. But pressing the point does relax ur eyes.

Also combine with dapping ur own eye cream under ur eyes.

Bryan said...

In fact there are total of 4 acupressure for eyes area. This one is first one, subsequetly i will introduce.
U press for two side.

Bryan said...

You can get lavendula vera from me, just email to me at

ahbee__me said...

Thanks to Cammi, I have tried the cream you mentioned, really got improvement, thanks.
Thanks Bryan for giving nice tips..

Anonymous said...

bryan thanks for the acupressure
point is really effective for my puffy eyes. Also i tried ur method to apply eye cream, i do see the good effect on my circles after few days.

Great tips.

Yun said...

Hi Bryan. Thanks to omhealth hair more split ends for me ;) Will definitely introduce it to my friends this good deal. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,

Got dry ends on my hair,can recommend any oil. Thanks.

sarah said...

Hi Bryan,
My skin texture is oily and have blackhead & whitehead.Do u have any product to recommed to me.

Vvien said...

Hi Bryan,
My daugther is 11 years old, and pimples are begining to pop up on her face. Appreciate it if you could recommend a cleanser suitable for her age.

Anonymous said...

Hi bryan,

These few week i feel very stress up, and i listen to 97.2 know that tian qi hua can help to calm down so how i going to make as tea and will this drink have any side effect for having baby cause i'm trying for a baby at the moment.


Jin TONIC said...

hi bryan
green and red beans are those ingredients that we usually brew into a soup right?? wasn't it??

axay72 said...

hi Bryan
As a 36 year old guy having freckle is not a big deal but I found it is a bit awkful see my face with few freckle spot on my both chin and nose bridge.

I would like to see your advice on how to reduce the color of freckle and how to avoid it from forming on my face again.

Currently I am using apple ciper vinegar to apply on the sport before sleeping time except daytime.

On daytime I apply sunscreen SPF30 even on my face.

Will above solution can helps reduce the colour of freckle on my faces.

Please advice. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hi bryan
can i know wat is e correct way of massage e eye when applying e eyecream?n i juz use step tat u taught of puttin almond oil n honey around e eye.when wil i see e result?

Anonymous said...

hi Bryan
may i know the acupressure point for the point shown on ur blog isnt 1 on the face n 1 on the shoulder? we nd to press on this 2 place at the same time? thanks